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Blink Mini – Compact indoor plug-in smart security camera

Blink Mini Review

Updated On April 11, 2022

Blink Mini Review: Providing Complete Security At An Affordable Price

blink mini camera
A friend of mine recently came to me stressing about the increased number of burglaries in his local area. He explained how he can hardly afford the expensive security systems. But keeping the recent happenings in mind, his home security became his topmost concern. In a pool of expensive options for your house protection, Blink mini is an indoor security camera (1080p resolution) that comes at an affordable price of $35.

How exactly a $35 device assures total protection to my indoor area? 

Product Specifications
  • 1080p resolution
  • Advanced night vision ensures crisp-clear view
  • Sound and light alarm to keep away intruders
  • Motion detectors (adjustable)
  • Easy communication through two-way audio
  • Great storage capacity
  • Easy-to set up and use
  • Responsive and user-friendly blink mini app
  • Excellent customer support-service

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Major Benefits Of Blink Mini (Affordable Home Security Cam)

blink mini camera review

Firstly, the blink mini camera has motion detectors which alarm you at the slightest moments occurring in the targeted space. You may also want to read first our learning guide on how do mini cameras work!

The wide view (110 degrees) covers the entire area of your room, thereby ensuring you don’t miss out on any corner. Don’t worry about the nighttime since it can easily detect in the dark as well.

The video and audio quality of the cam are up to the mark and can easily be accessed at any remote location. You will be amazed at how tiny the model is and can fit almost anywhere you prefer.

Furthermore, its installation is extremely easy and can be installed easily on whichever corner (having a power outlet) of the wall you prefer. Since it is a wired camera, a power outlet is the first concern that comes into the picture. (1)

Let’s dive a little deeper into the sensitive alerts of the camera. Firstly, if you have a pet at home then you don’t want the camera to get triggered every time it moves. It gives you the option of adjusting the sensitivity alerts as per your preference. You can disarm the alarm as and when you want to prevent yourself from being bothered by every little movement in the house.

Another great part about this blink mini cam is that you can easily schedule it using the app. This means you decide the time when you expect the cam to alarm you about any movement. By this, whenever you are out of your house, you can be entirely stress-free. 

Do I Get Access To Free Cloud Storage?

blink mini camera
The answer to this question is that it depends on whether or not you have other blink cameras. If you are completely new to using blink cameras, then you have to $3 (Per camera) per month for cloud storage. But all the previous users get free cloud storage. 

Users also have the option of denying cloud storage. Even if they do, they get access to live monitoring as well as motion triggers. 

Blink offers its customers a 30-day free trial to see if it’s worth the investment. If you have more than one camera then you can go for a $10 plan which lets you use as many cameras as you like without any hurdle. (2)

More About The Audio And Video Quality

Firstly, the two-way audio quality is as per expectations and you’ll clearly hear everything that goes around. It’s as good as talking to someone on a call. This means you can easily have a conversation with people at your home. Next, the video quality is sharp and you can clearly see what’s going around in the room. 

The Best Home Security Camera You Get At $35

One major thing that makes this home security camera stand out amongst its competitors is its affordable price. The features offered by Blink mini at just $35 are commendable. With the increased popularity of this amazing camera, the price will likely increase in foreseeable future. Once you install the blink mini app, you get total control over the camera from wherever you are. Who knew our technological advancements would let us manage home security through our smartphones, haah?

If you have documents with sensitive information at your place then you must ensure your house, especially the room they are kept in is secured. But if not, your mind will eventually be stuck to that every time you leave the house. With this home security camera, you can be relieved and easily check your room from time to time. 

What Customers Have To Say

blink mini with alexa
After doing a considerable amount of research, we came to know that some specific features are absolutely loved by blink mini users. Firstly, a user mentioned that after spending almost twice the money as he did on this cam, he still wasn’t satisfied with the night vision. But with blink mini, he was extremely delighted by the night vision, thereby realizing he made the right choice. In complete darkness, the cam shows a clear-crisp image of the surrounding.

Another user commented on how the app is very easy to use and accessible at all times. Even with a slow internet connection, the app somehow managed to play the recorded video.

After trying a number of home security cameras, most people ended their journey at this affordable option. Some people did find a lot of issues with the inactiveness of the camera from time to time but the support team has taken care of it.

The customers were highly impressed by blink’s latest chip technology that lets users select the motion detection areas. They were happy to know that they don’t have to go through a notification on every irrelevant motion. Apart from that, Alexa could easily help in controlling the cam. Yay, just a voice away! 

The Final Verdict

If you are thinking about purchasing a home security camera but simply can’t find one at an affordable price then this is right for you. You get all the amazing benefits without losing a huge number of bucks from your pocket. Don’t worry about the problems that you might come across since the team is supportive and will definitely take care of your issues. Most people who keep trying different home security cams were amazed by its offering. Go ahead and purchase this home security camera to ensure the important areas in your house are safe and secured. 

(1) power outlet -
(2) 30-day free trial -

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