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USB flash drive

How to Use USB Spy Camera

Updated On June 18, 2021

A USB spy camera is a suitable solution to keep an eye on any person or have eyes in any situation. The use of this device is simple, although the following aspects should be considered. This guide prevents novice users from making mistakes when using a USB spy camera.

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USB with memory card
The battery must be checked to make sure it is fully charged to use a USB spy camera correctly. The Micro SD card must be inserted inside the camera. These two aspects are essential to prevent the camera from running out of recording capacity at the most critical moment.

Some cameras may provide limited usage time due to low battery capacity. To take advantage of the maximum functionality of these batteries, it is recommended to keep the device fully charged. The Micro SD memory card will prevent limited storage space. Some devices may offer a loop recording function.

This function must be configured and reused the storage memory that has already been occupied. The positive aspect of this function is that the user will never run out of storage space. The negative part is that this function deletes old videos to store new ones.

Start Recording Video 

These devices have a single button by which it is possible to access all the device's functions. It is necessary to press this button after removing the protection of the supposed USB input of our machine. These devices usually incorporate the camera inside the USB input.

Other models incorporate the camera just on the opposite side. The camera must be evident without any obstacles. The button must be pressed for two or three seconds to turn the device on. An indicator light will start flashing or remain steady. (1)

Some devices require a single button press to start recording video. The indicator light will begin flashing or turn off. The specific operation of the indicator light in this situation may be different between different USB spy camera models.

To check the operation of the precise indicator light of each model, you should check the instruction manual. The same touch of the button is needed to stop the video.

Taking a Picture

USB flash drive
To take a picture, you also need but not the same button. Some models require this button to be tapped twice in a row. At other times you need to press and hold the button for 2 seconds. You need to read the instruction manual to know the precise operation.

The indicator light only blinks once when you have taken the picture. After taking a picture or recording a video, you should wait for the device to save the file. Turning off the machine immediately after taking a picture or recording a video may result in the file not being saved correctly. 

Downloading and Saving Files

USB drive
Once you have obtained the desired videos or photos, you should download the files. This will allow you to have all the storage memory free the next time you need to use this camera. Connect the USB spy camera to a PC or laptop.

We can notice that a simple USB flash drive has been connected to the PC. This device is not detected as a camera, allowing us to download the files more easily. The removable drive we have connected must be accessed to download the files to the PC. You may want to check here the USB flash drive spy camera instructions.

Some people may prefer to leave the files stored on their SD memory card. You should have other Micro SD memory sticks and keep the memory already used safely.

People who wish to use a single Micro SD memory card should delete the files obtained. This is done once the files have been downloaded to the computer. The received videos and photos can be uploaded to a cloud for added security as a next step. 

Using the USB Spy Camera as a Webcam

Another function that can be obtained with this type of camera is combining their use with a PC or laptop. Only some can be used as a webcam when using a USB connection. (2)

Some of them will be able to charge the battery while offering the function of video recording or as a webcam. It is necessary to check the instruction manual to learn other specific uses of each USB spy camera depending on the model.

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Final Words

A USB spy camera can be the right solution to detect inappropriate behaviors of any person. This is eliminating blind spots in a home or office and increasing security at all times. That is why learning the above procedure is necessary and very useful.

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(2) PC or laptop -

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