Apple recently made a significant number of security improvements as part of iOS 10. In the new release, when a user connects to the Wi-Fi network, the phone warns the user that they are connecting to an open and unsecured network and also provides security recommendations.

Above is a sample screenshot from an iOS 10 device that with the new security warning.

Screenshot from an iOS 10 device that with the new security warning.

How does this affect Transit Wireless WiFi Users?

Transit Wireless offers free public Wi-Fi in NYC underground subway stations. It is important to know that most public Wi-Fi networks (e.g., airports, malls, coffee shops) show the same security recommendations and require users to go through a confirmation page before connecting to the network. Even Wi-Fi networks offered by cable companies display this warning message when connecting to their public Wi-Fi network.

It is important to note that in any open public Wi-Fi network, traffic is not encrypted. However, it is the only way to get users connected on the Wi-Fi network seamlessly without any manual configuration by the end user.

Below are a few points to consider and be aware of when connection on an open network to mitigate any security concerns:

  • Web addresses that begin with HTTPS enable users to send information through an encrypted tunnel, thus providing added protection for user’s traffic.
  • Another option to overcoming security concerns is to use a VPN, which creates a secure tunnel and encrypts all user traffic.

Our goal at Transit Wireless is to constantly improve the quality of the Wi-Fi experience for our users and continue to evaluate new technologies that provide better user experience and security on our network.