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Spy Watch Camera Instructions

Updated On June 18, 2021

This is one of the most valuable and suitable devices for recording photos and taking videos anywhere. This device requires a set of steps to be used properly. The following guide can make your first use of this device easier for you.

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1. Preliminary Considerations

To be able to use this spy device correctly, some fundamental aspects must be considered. First of all, the instruction manual or user manual must be read correctly. The devices usually provide a specific resolution and a set of basic features. These features should be known before starting to use the device.

These devices usually have minimal internal memory anyway. Users who are not lucky will have a spy device that does not incorporate internal storage memory. It is highly recommended to include an SD card to expand the storage capacity.

This may require a larger budget on the user's part but will avoid a great deal of inconvenience. The user will not need to download the files such as videos and photos obtained every certain short period. This means that the SD card can provide more recording capacity.

The SD card slot is usually incorporated subtly. The specific design of each spy device should be considered to know precisely where to insert the SD card. It is advisable to know each of the essential parts of the device.

  • LED Light Operation: A LED light is usually incorporated to indicate whether the device is photographing or recording, among other functions.
  • Built-in Buttons: Built-in buttons are usually related to the ability to record video, turn on the device, take photos, record audio or use a specific camera model. The instruction manual may differentiate between all these functions when the device only incorporates a few buttons.
  • USB Port: A USB port is usually provided for battery recharging or file transfer.
  • Clock Set: This spy device also functions as a standard clock to arouse suspicion among the people being watched. 

2. Settings

spy watch full HD
To start using this device, it is recommended to set the time and minutes like a standard clock. A watch that is not on time and is being used by someone may arouse suspicion. No one needs to use a watch that is not truly on time.

Besides setting the time and minutes correctly, the SD card must be inserted. This can be done before turning on the device and starting to use the functions. It is also highly recommended to incorporate a full charge to the battery. The user will be avoiding running out of battery when he needs to take pictures or record videos.

3. Turning on the Device

wrist watch
The on/off button should be pressed for a few seconds. The power button could be the same button used to use the different functions of the camera. This is where the LED light will start to glow in a specific color which is usually red. (1)

Once the color of the led light changes to blue, the device is ready to be used. This same red led light will also turn on when the device is turned off after pressing this same power button for 2 seconds. 

To check the correct functioning of the device, it is always necessary to pay attention to the LED light. This is useful both for taking pictures and recording videos without arousing suspicion.

4. Starting to Record Videos

Once the device is turned on, and the blue led light is fixed, it is possible to start recording videos. The device is ready to record videos when the blue led light is blinking. Recording begins when the user presses the camera button once.

When the red led light is blinking, it means that the spy device is taking images. At this moment, it is necessary to use the camera button to choose the audio recording mode. It is required to press this button about three times. 

A timestamp can also be incorporated to display the date, month, and year and the time when each video is recorded. You will need to have a USB cable and connect the device to a PC.

You only need to create a text file incorporating the time and the completion date containing the year and month. These details are saved once the document is saved in .txt format. (2)

5. Download files to a PC

features and functions of spy watch
Downloading files obtained on the device to a PC frees up storage space. Many people may choose to use another Micro SD card by storing the first SD card they have used. This is one of the most efficient methods for physical storage, although it requires other SD cards and a budget for it.

People choose to use a USB cable to connect the device to a laptop or PC. The user can choose to download the videos and photos to a PC for storage on this site. It is also possible to upload each of these files to cloud storage. 

This may require some time, especially when it comes to high-resolution videos and photos. The user will count on the entire storage memory and the possibility of having the videos and pictures anywhere.

It should be taken into consideration that not all operating systems are equally compatible. This can be easily checked by reading the user manual of the device. 

You may check this Youtube video below;

Final Words

Learning to use this device correctly will prevent people from being detected when they are recording video.

It is a very versatile device as it also works as a conventional watch.It is not possible to use video with sound as legal evidence. It is still a widely used tool today for other purposes.

Here's also the learning guide we've written on how to make a spy watch! Until our next article!

(1) LED light -
(2) .txt format -

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