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USB Charger- Spy Camera

USB Charger Spy Camera Instructions

Updated On June 18, 2021

A USB charger spy camera provides a variety of advantages. The following steps of this manual should be followed to use this device correctly and avoid beginner's mistakes. 

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To start with the procedure, you need to insert a Micro SD card. This device usually has a minimal amount of internal memory. Spy devices do not offer internal memory at all. A Micro SD memory card is necessary for extensive recording capacity.

These devices can support a Micro SD card of up to 256 GB. When they are configured for high-resolution videos, more memory capacity is needed. Getting a memory card with a large storage capacity can allow you to get more recording time.

Not all spy devices are compatible with all Micro SD cards. The Micro SD card with the most extensive storage that the device can support should be checked. This is especially important when the user needs to purchase a new Micro SD card.

To insert the Micro SD card, the main cover of the device must be removed. This stage is found covering the USB input of the device. Once the cover is removed, the user will notice the card slot and other buttons and inputs. 

2. Select the Continuous Recording

USB Charger spy cam
Once the user removes the main cover, he will find several buttons. One of them is the button to activate continuous recording or loop recording. This option allows the user to bypass the memory limit offered by the inserted Micro SD card.

Loop recording will continue recording even though the Micro SD card has no more available memory. When this happens, the device reuses the memory occupied with old videos to re-record new videos.

This provides functionality at all times without memory being an issue. The downside of this feature is that old videos will be deleted if the device needs to reuse these storage spaces. To do this, press the indicated button to activate this function.

3. Select Motion Detection

This spy device is one of those which incorporates the motion detection function. This can save a good amount of storage space on the Micro SD card. Enabling this feature allows the device to start recording a video only when it detects motion.

The device will start recording videos in Full HD 1080 pixels if the device can offer this resolution. To do this, press the button to activate this function. The device has a particular sensitivity to motion detection. (1)

4. Reset Button

spy camera - usb charger
The available buttons also include a reset button. It is recommended to press this button only once to check the correct operation of the device. The reset button can be used at any time.

This can be especially useful after removing or inserting the Micro SD memory card. The reset button can be used to prevent improper operation of the device.

5. Downloading Files

When it comes to downloading files, the user may notice a micro USB input. The same USB port that is included with this device should not be used. This will only serve to charge the battery of a smartphone or any other electronic device. A USB cable is included that offers the ability to download files.

Connect the USB cable to the micro USB input of the device with a computer. The user should be able to notice this device as any storage device. The same steps should be performed when inserting a conventional USB stick.

It is recommended to download all videos to a PC. With this, you can store the videos on the same PC or upload each of these files to a cloud. Either of these ways is suitable to keep the videos protected. (2)

A second possibility of downloading the files from the spy device is to remove the Micro SD card. This requires an SD memory adapter that can be inserted into a PC. The user can also store the files on the Micro SD card itself. The user will need to have another Micro SD card to continue recording new videos. 

6. Additional Considerations

spy camera in a usb charger
Devices of this type usually do not include night vision. Recording videos in totally dark environments could be a problem. To record video correctly, a light source of some kind is required.

This same situation happens when the user needs to use motion detection in really dark places. A certain level of illumination is required for the motion detection sensitivity to work. 

It should be considered that this device has a particular field of view. Inserting this device into an inappropriate power outlet can ultimately hinder video recording.

This spy device is inserted into an outlet; it is not battery operated. Most of them do not include batteries, and a power outlet is needed to record videos. Despite this negative aspect, this type of power supply provides continuous operation with no time limit.

This type of device can be used as a USB charger. Battery charging is among the slowest compared to other chargers. The USB cable used to charge a device's battery must not obstruct the camera's field of view.

You may check Youtube Videos below; 

Final Words

Considering each of these aspects and the features of the device allows the user to have complete functionality. This device is characterized by being widely versatile as it can be used in any part of the home. Blind spots in a home can be eliminated, improving security. Most models of this type of spy device can record video with audio. 

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