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USB Spy Camera

USB Spy Camera Instructions

Updated On June 18, 2021

The different USB spy devices on the market are not all the same. The following indications are usually precisely adapted to the operation of any of these models. 

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USB in a palm
Not all devices similar to a USB spy camera can work while charging their battery. If this is the situation, it is simply unnecessary to wait until the battery is fully charged.

An indicator light has incorporated that flashes while the battery is charging. When this indicator light stops flashing, it means that the battery is fully charged. Spy devices use a battery to operate while only providing a usage time of a few hours. This amount of hours could be up to five or six in the best case.

You should check that the battery is fully charged to prevent the camera from shutting down prematurely. With a low battery level, the device shuts down or goes into sleep mode. Usually, files are saved in such situations. The user will not continue recording until the battery is recharged again.

The battery should be checked, mainly when this device is used for the first time. Any electronic device does not have a fully charged battery when shipped from the factory. It may even be necessary to give the device several hours of battery charge the first time. This is useful to extend and take advantage of the maximum battery life of each device.

Micro SD card Install

Kingstone Micro SD
Installing a Micro SD card is necessary for almost all devices. The internal memory of any spy device is minimal. Memory is even more limited when the user wants to record high-resolution video. Such videos require more storage memory for every second or minute recorded. (1)

The spy device should incorporate some stage that hides the Micro SD card slot. This stage must be removed, and that the SD memory card can be inserted inside. When the Micro SD card has ample storage space, the user will have the possibility to record more and better videos in a high resolution.

Some users can have a Micro SD card when purchasing a USB spy camera. Devices that do not include this type of memory card can also offer compatibility with this implement. The user will need to buy a Micro SD card to avoid downloading too many times the files stored in the spy camera's limited internal memory.

Users may prefer to check for proper operation after installing the Micro SD card. The power button should be held down for approximately 3 seconds. The storage capacity should increase if the correct installation has been performed.

Many USB spy cameras work together with Android, iOS, or iPhone. This app usually displays different data and functions. You can check the storage capacity that the spy device currently has. The storage memory should have increased when we correctly installed the Micro SD card.

Check the Recording Function

usb spy cam
Turn on the device by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. When the device turns on, the indicator light will start flashing rapidly. After a few flashes of the indicator light, it will turn off, and the device will stay on.

When this happens, it means that the device will be recording video and audio. Some spy camera models do not record audio due to legal restrictions in the United States regarding other people's consent. This means that recording video without audio without seeking someone's consent is possible.

When the device has the indicator light off, the video is recorded, and the device is in stealth mode. This means that no one will detect that it is a camera but simply a USB flash drive. (2

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You press the video button once to stop recording. When this happens, the indicator light will start flashing once more. Unlike last time, the indicator light stays on when the device is not recording a video.

Do not turn off the device immediately after stopping the video. It is necessary to allow enough time for the device to record the video to the Micro SD card. The device should be at a distance of 2 feet from the target to get the best image. The timestamp is usually incorporated automatically.

Downloading Files

This device should be connected to a laptop or desktop PC. The indicator light may start blinking, which means the battery is charging again. The user will notice that the device is detected as a USB flash drive on the PC.

So plug it into the removable drive of this device to download the files obtained. It is recommended to download all the video files that have been attached to have all the free storage memory.

The user can also save these obtained files in a cloud to have them available anytime and anywhere. Once the video files are successfully copied and dedicated to the cloud or PC, the memory of the Micro SD card must be freed. This means deleting the videos that are still stored there.

Users may also prefer to purchase multiple Micro SD cards. This is suitable for storing on each of these Micro SD cards the same videos obtained. This means that there will be no need to use the cloud as a storage location.

Final Words

Using a USB spy camera can allow a person to eliminate blind spots in a home or office. People can monitor their children, check the babysitter's behavior, or know if someone is where they shouldn't be. USB spy camera instructions are handy and easy to learn for all these.

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