Unlocking an Android Phone Password with a Master Code

How to Use the Universal Unlock PIN for Android

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Angela Otero

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten your Android password and your device is now locked? To address this issue, you can use a secret code to unlock your Android phone’s password without losing any data.

By using this master code, you can bypass the lock on your Android phone.

In this article, we’ll discuss the universal unlock PIN for Android as well as other methods to unlock your Android phone.

How to Use the Universal Unlock PIN for Android

To unlock your Android phone using the universal PIN *#*#7780#*#*, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button to turn on the display.
  2. Open the dialer by tapping on the dialer option.
  3. Enter the master code provided above to unlock any phone without losing data.

Please note that using this master code will reset your device, deleting all your stored phone data. Note: Before using these codes, backup your phone data otherwise your data will be deleted forever.

Is There Any Code To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Losing Data?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. By using this code, all the data available on your device will be wiped up.

Alternative Methods to Unlock an Android Phone Without a Password

Third-Party Android Phone Unlocker: Tools like 4uKey and DroidKit are popular options that allow you to unlock your Android phone’s pattern, PIN, or fingerprint lock without losing data. They work with most Android phone brands and are a reliable way to unlock your device without a factory reset.

Smart Lock: Android phones running Android 5.0 or above offer a Smart Lock feature, which allows you to bypass the lock screen under certain circumstances. You can set up trusted devices or locations, allowing your phone to remain unlocked in those situations.

Use Device Account: Some Android phone brands, such as Samsung, offer device account services that allow you to unlock your phone using your account credentials. This method is handy if you’re locked out of your device and don’t want to lose any data.

ADB Method: If you’ve enabled USB debugging on your Android phone, you can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) method to unlock your device. This method requires a PC or Mac and a USB cable. You’ll need to download the Android SDK platform and follow a few steps in the command prompt or terminal.

Unlock via Google Account: If you’re unable to unlock your phone using the above methods, you can use your Google account to unlock it. This method works for Android versions 4.4 or lower. Simply enter the Gmail account associated with the device, and if the details are correct, your phone will be unlocked.

    By trying these methods, you can unlock your Android phone without resorting to a factory reset, preserving your data and settings.

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