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How does a senior citizen get a free phone?

Angela Otero

A person holding three iPhone 11 and three more on the table

Free iPhone 11 Government Phone (Guide)

Angela Otero

A banner in yellow background with icons and cellphone graphic with text that says "GOVERNMENT SIM CARD 5 QUICK STEPS"

Government SIM Card (5 Quick Steps)

Angela Otero

A phone with wifi icon and a text that says "FREE WIRELESS GOVERNMENT PHONE"

AirVoice Wireless Free Government Phone (Guide)

Angela Otero

A desk with documents, clips, coffee and a phone in the center with an image of a building and text GOVERNMENT PHONE in it

Free Samsung Government Phone (5 Easy Steps)

Angela Otero

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Editor & Writer
Angela has been a writer in the tech niche for over 7 years. Hes gone from a wearable tech expert to a professional writer covering topics as varied as antenna install to legalities of spy technologies.

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Co-Founder/ Content Strategist & Writer
Alex is a certified project manager and writer. He is an assistant professor at the University of Carleton Ottawa. He completed his degree in information technology and has a unique perspective in the camera industry as both a hobby and a profession.

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