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Angela Otero

New Yorkers ar “on the go” and always connecting – but the one place that they have been disconnected is in the subway. During the summer of 2011, the New York City subway system began launching Wi-Fi throughout its 279 underground stations.

“Free Wi-Fi” is a significant consumer expectation and a means for rich content  as well as a unique opportunity for advertisers to provide promotions to the millions of subway riders traveling through the network every day. Currently advertisers can reach 60 million riders monthly with stations continuously rolling out.

Advantages of advertising on Wi-Fi in the subway:

  • Very high ridership – 5.5 million riders per day
  • Ridership demographics are broad and attractive to many advertisers
  • Currently advertisers can reach about 60 million monthly riders across the 100+ live stations, including Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx
  • Advertisers can reach subway riders in many ways such as sponsorship of Free Wi-Fi through landing page banners, GIFs and  video advertisements

The Wi-Fi network can provide a multitude of services and applications including:

  • Consumer internet connectivity (free and subscription service)
  • Media and Content Delivery

Transit Wireless WiFi Content Provider

Citybuzz was among the first media platforms to offer native advertising converting brand messages into editorial news features. Citybuzz journalists create original branded content in video.

  • Citybuzz team shoots, scripts, edits and voice overs/length customized by platform
  • Traditional spots accepted

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