Can iPhone SE Charge Wirelessly?

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One of the most convenient updates in recent years has been the introduction of wireless charging to the iPhone family. Many of you are curious if this budget-friendly device includes this handy feature.

Good news, everyone! The iPhone SE does support wireless charging. That’s right – even though it’s a more budget-friendly option in Apple’s lineup, both the second and third-generation models of the iPhone SE support this convenient method of keeping your device powered up, giving you that same easy and intuitive charging experience as other high-end iPhones.

In this article, I’ll dive into wireless charging and explore everything you need to know about the iPhone SE’s wireless charging capabilities.

Wireless Charging Compatibility

iPhone SE 1st Generation

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I have to mention that the iPhone SE 1st Generation does not support wireless charging. When the first iPhone SE launched in 2016, wireless charging was not a standard feature. Unfortunately, wireless charging isn’t natively supported for the iPhone SE 1st generation.

That’s not to say I haven’t seen accessory options, such as cases and adapters, that claim to add wireless charging capabilities to this model. However, they may not perform as quickly or efficiently as newer models with built-in support.

So, this means you’ll still need to rely on the trusty Lightning charging port for this device.

iPhone SE 2nd Generation

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Let’s talk about the 2nd generation iPhone SE, released in 2020. Things get exciting here, as wireless charging support was introduced in this model!

The iPhone SE 2nd generation works seamlessly with Qi-certified chargers, which you can find in various places like cars, hotels, and cafes. I’ve noticed that the charging speed is capped at 7.5 watts, which is typical for Apple devices. That means you’re getting some decent charging speed.

Though not as fast as some market leaders, it’s still a great addition for user convenience. So, if you want to charge your 2nd Gen iPhone SE wirelessly, just place it on a Qi wireless charger, and the battery starts recharging like magic. Fast and easy, isn’t that what we all want?

iPhone SE 3rd Generation

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As for the latest iPhone SE 3rd generation, I’ve got even better news. It supports Qi wireless charging and benefits from compatibility with fast chargers capable of delivering up to 20 watts using a Lightning cable.

This does not necessarily make wireless charging faster but does provide a speedy alternative when you need to juice up your battery quickly.

To make the most of wireless charging for the iPhone SE 3rd generation, I recommend using a Qi-certified charger similar to those compatible with the iPhone 11 and other recent models.

While it’s not the fastest charging method available, it does offer a convenient way to keep your device powered without having to fumble with charging ports ever again.

To sum up, the iPhone SE 2nd and 3rd generations offer reliable wireless charging support, while the 1st generation requires additional accessories to achieve this feature.

Charging Speed and Efficiency

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Fast Charging

I’ve found that the iPhone SE supports wireless charging at a maximum speed of 7.5W when used with a compatible Qi charger. This is important because it ensures that my phone charges reasonably fast and efficiently.

Remember that you must purchase a third-party fast charger separately to achieve fast charging. Some popular and reliable brands include Belkin, Anker, and Otterbox.

However, it’s worth noting that the charging speed isn’t as fast as some higher-end models, which offer even faster charging capabilities. But I find the iPhone SE’s wireless charging speed sufficient for everyday use.

Charging Speed Comparison

Comparing the charging options available for the iPhone SE, I’ll break it down below:

  • Standard Wireless Charging (7.5W): The iPhone SE can charge wirelessly at 7.5W using a Qi-compatible charger. This setup delivers moderate charging speeds but offers a clutter-free and convenient experience.
  • Fast Wireless Charging (≥10W): Unfortunately, the iPhone SE doesn’t take full advantage of faster wireless charging speeds provided by chargers with output ≥10W. The device is limited to a wireless charging speed of 7.5W.
  • Standard Wired Charging (5W): This is the basic wired charging method with the iPhone SE. With this setup, you receive a standard 5W charging speed, which might be considered slow compared to other options.
  • Wired Fast Charging (18W+): The iPhone SE can use a USB-C to Lightning cable and a USB-C Power Adapter with at least 18W output for quicker charging. This method significantly speeds up the charging process compared to the standard 5W option.

As such, the iPhone SE does support wireless charging, albeit at a maximum speed of 7.5W. Using an 18W+ wired fast charger is the best option for faster charging. Remember always to choose reputable brands for chargers and cables to ensure an efficient and safe charging experience.

MagSafe Chargers for iPhone SE

If you have an iPhone SE, you might know it doesn’t have the built-in MagSafe feature like some newer iPhones. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of MagSafe charging by using compatible accessories.

I found that third-party MagSafe chargers are available that are compatible with iPhone SE at an affordable price without compromising on quality. These alternatives offer similar performance at a lower cost, and as long as they’re from a reputable brand, you’ll still get a quality product.

To charge your iPhone SE using a MagSafe charger, connect it to a wall charger or laptop using a USB power adapter. The magnetic attachment ensures a firm connection, allowing for optimal power transfer.

Best Charging Method for Different Usage Scenarios

ScenarioBest Charging Method for iPhone SE
Overnight ChargingWireless Charging
Quick Top-UpWired Fast Charging
Daily UseStandard Wired or Wireless Charging
Long TripWired Fast Charging
At the Office/DeskWireless Charging
In the CarWired Charging (Car Adapter)
Emergency ChargingWired Fast Charging




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