How to Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard to Mac

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Whether you prefer Bluetooth connectivity or a wireless receiver dongle, Logitech provides two methods to connect your keyboard to your Mac. I will guide you through both methods in this article. Additionally, I will provide troubleshooting tips to help you overcome any potential connectivity issues.

Let’s get your Logitech keyboard up and running with your Mac!

Quick Summary: Pairing your wireless Logitech keyboard to your Mac in two ways.

1. Using Bluetooth Connectivity: Most wireless Logitech keyboards utilize Bluetooth for wireless connection. Turn Bluetooth on your keyboard, activate Bluetooth connectivity on your Mac, and pair the devices together.

2. Using the Keyboard’s Receiver Dongle: This method works with a wireless USB dongle for Logitech keyboards. Turn on the keyboard and plug the dongle into your Mac’s USB port. The keyboard should automatically connect to your Mac.

Method 1: Connecting the Keyboard Using Bluetooth

1. Set Up Bluetooth Connection on the Keyboard

Turn the keyboard on and activate Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth key or pushing the Bluetooth switch on the keyboard’s side. If your wireless Logitech keyboard has tri-connectivity, switch it to Bluetooth Connection.

Logitech keyboards usually come with three Easy-Switch keys – typically saved on the F1, F2, and F3 keys. These keys remember one paired device each, allowing you to connect the keyboard to different devices easily.

Set the connection to your preferred key by pressing Fn and then the F1, F2, or F3 keys.

pressing Fn on a logitech wireless keyboard
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The LED indicator above or on your chosen Easy-Switch key should start blinking, meaning the keyboard is in pairing mode.

2. Turn on Bluetooth Connectivity on your Mac

Go to the Apple Menu, then click System Preferences. Turn on Bluetooth and make sure your Mac is discoverable by other devices.

3. Pair the Keyboard to your Mac

A list of Available Devices should be under the Mac’s Bluetooth Settings. Look for your Logitech wireless keyboard and connect to it.

logitech unifying software pop up setting

A Keyboard Setup Assistant window will pop up on the screen. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions to finish pairing the keyboard. A code may appear on the screen. Type this using the keyboard and press Enter.

The LED indicator on the keyboard will stop blinking if the pairing is successful.

Method 2: Connecting the Keyboard Using the Wireless Receiver

Some wireless Logitech keyboards connect using a USB receiver rather than Bluetooth. These keyboards are easier to set up since they’re plug-and-play.

a hand holding a wireless receiver for a wireless keyboard

1. Switch the Keyboard’s Connectivity to the Receiver

This step is for Logitech keyboards with multiple connectivity modes – skip this step if your keyboard only has a receiver connection.

Look for the Connectivity switch or key on your Logitech keyboard. Change the connectivity mode to Wireless Receiver.

2. Plug the Keyboard’s Receiver Dongle to your Mac

a hand putting in wireless receiver into the laptop USB slot

Plug the receiver dongle into the USB port of your Mac.

The Keyboard Setup Assistant may pop up on your screen. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the Logitech keyboard to your Mac.

You should be able to start using the keyboard immediately. Otherwise, go to the Connected Devices under Mac’s settings and look for the keyboard. If the keyboard doesn’t appear on the list, try removing and plugging the receiver dongle in again.

Troubleshooting Your Wireless Keyboard

If your Logitech keyboard fails to connect after following the methods above, there is some simple troubleshooting you can do to fix it.

Check if the Keyboard is Turned On

Naturally, your keyboard needs to be turned on for it to work.

The LED indicators on wireless keyboards usually turn off once the keyboard is paired to a device. This leads many users to mistake a turned-off keyboard for a paired one. Check whether the power button on your Logitech keyboard is on.

Check the Keyboard’s Battery

Wireless keyboards may fail to connect to your device or have performance issues if the batteries are low.

Check your keyboard’s battery percentage by selecting System Preferences on your Mac and selecting Bluetooth. Look for your Logitech keyboard on the Your Devices list. The battery life should be indicated under the keyboard’s name.

Some keyboards have a built-in LED battery indicator. You can check whether your keyboard’s battery is running low by looking at the indicator. A red blinking light generally means a low battery.

Recharge or replace your keyboard’s batteries if it’s low.

Check if the Keyboard is in the Proper Connectivity Mode

If you’re attempting to connect your keyboard by Bluetooth while it’s in the wireless receiver mode and vice versa, your keyboard won’t connect.

Double-check whether your keyboard is in the right connectivity mode. Set it to your preferred mode and try connecting it again.

Factory Reset your Keyboard

If none of the troubleshooting methods above work, try factory resetting the keyboard.

Resetting your Logitech keyboard can fix many issues like connectivity and malfunctioning keys. However, factory reset erases any saved device pairings and key customizations since it will return the keyboard to its default settings.

Generally, you can reset your Logitech keyboard by doing the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the keyboard from your device
  2. Press the ESC + O key twice
  3. Press the ESC + B key

The LED indicators of your keyboard will start flashing if the factory reset is successful.

Note that some Logitech keyboards have different combination keys for factory reset. Consult your keyboard’s manual on factory resetting it if the steps above don’t work.


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