How to Connect Phone to TV Wireless Without Wifi (Tips & Guide)

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A bad WiFi connection shouldn’t stop you from connecting your phone to your TV.

Mirroring your phone’s screen to your smart TV without a WiFi connection is possible via four methods:

  1. Smart TV’s Screen Mirror (Bluetooth or Wirecasting): Utilize the built-in screen mirror function of your Smart TV. Connect your smart TV to your phone’s mobile hotspot, activate the screencast function, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. AirPlay (For iOS Devices and Apple TV): Disconnect the iOS device and Smart TV from WiFi, enable Bluetooth connection on both devices, pair them, then activate screen mirroring.
  3. Phone Hotspot(Mobile Data): Use the Hotspot method with another phone acting as the connecting Hotspot for the phone to be mirrored. Connect both devices to the hotspot and activate the screen mirror on the phone to be mirrored.
  4. Google Chromecast(Mobile Data): With a Google Chromecast device, plug it into the Smart TV, set up your phone’s mobile hotspot, connect the TV to the hotspot, set up Chromecast via the Google Home app, and start screen mirroring.

For each method, specific steps should be followed, detailed below.

Connecting Using the Smart TV’s Screen Mirror

Screen mirroring generally requires a network connection to function, typically achieved via a WiFi network. However, there are cases where the WiFi connection isn’t strictly necessary. For example, some devices can connect directly via Bluetooth for screen mirroring or casting, though this is less common. Some devices can also use a direct wireless connection (Wi-Fi Direct or Miracast) for screen mirroring, bypassing the need for a traditional WiFi network.

1. Connect the Smart TV to Your Phone’s Mobile Hotspot

Turn on your phone’s Hotspot by going to Settings and selecting Mobile Hotspot. You can input a new network name (SSID) and password or leave it on default settings.

2. Look for the Screen Cast Function of the Smart TV

Depending on your Smart TV model, the Screen Cast (some brands may have different names for this) can be found on the Home Menu or Settings Menu. You can also type it in the TV’s search bar and select it from the search results.

3. Activate Screen Cast

Select Screen Cast on the Smart TV. Connect your phone by following the on-screen prompts and instructions.

Screen Mirror Using AirPlay (For iOS Devices and Apple TV)

AirPlay typically needs WiFi connectivity to work, but with the right devices, you can use AirPlay without an internet connection.

Regarding the model, the iOS device must be 2012 or newer, while the Apple TV must at least be a third-generation model. Moreover, update the device to iOS 8 or higher and version seven or newer for the Apple TV. After that, your devices are now compatible with AirPlay without WiFi connectivity.

1. Disconnect the iOS Device and Smart TV from WiFi

Open the Settings or Control Center of your iOS device. Turn off the WiFi connection and, if necessary, turn off auto-reconnect by forgetting the saved WiFi connection.

For the Apple TV, open Settings, then go to Network. Disconnect or forget the WiFi connection the TV is connected to.

2. Enable Bluetooth Connection on the Device and Smart TV

On the same Settings menu, turn on the Bluetooth connection of the device and Apple TV.

Pair the two together by selecting the name of your Apple TV on the Bluetooth List of Other Devices on the iOS device. A pairing pop-up may show up on the Apple TV. Select confirm.

3. Activate Screen Mirroring

pairing your phone and tv
Video | Apple Support

Open the Control Center, and Screen Mirroring should be available. Select Screen Mirroring and input the password that appears on the Apple TV.

Screen Mirror Using Phone Hotspot

The Hotspot method is commonly used for Android devices, but it’s also usable for iOS devices if AirPlay is unavailable.

This method doesn’t require activating mobile data for the Hotspot function. Instead, the hotspot will be a temporary network connecting the Smart TV to your phone. Of course, you can still use mobile data if you want to surf the internet while doing so.

Take note that you’ll need two mobile phones to do this method. One will act as the Hotspot, while the other will be used for screen mirroring.

turning on your mobile hotspot
Video | rizisuper

1. Turn on Mobile Hotspot on Your Phone

Use another phone to act as Hotspot connecting the phone to be mirrored and the smart TV.

Open Settings and find Mobile Hotspot. Enable Mobile Hotspot and set up the network name (SSID) and password. You can also opt to use the default Hotspot name and not use a password.

2. Connect the Smart TV and the Other Phone to the Hotspot

Connect the smart TV to the created Hotspot by going to the Network Settings. Don’t connect to any internet WiFi; instead, look through the list of Available Networks and look for the Hotspot. Enter the Hotspot password if necessary.

Connect your other phone to the hotspot by repeating the same process.

3. Activate the Screen Mirror on the Connected Phone

a hand holding a phone trying to screen mirroring the tv and mobile phone
Video | rizisuper

Go to the Settings or Control Panel of your phone. Look for the Screen Mirroring function – sometimes called Cast or Screen Shared – and tap it. Select the name of your TV from the list of available devices. Your phone screen will mirror itself on the smart TV.

Screen Mirror Using Google Chromecast

If none of the methods above work for you, then using an external device might be the best option – and what better device to use than Google Chromecast?

The Chromecast is a TV accessory that allows the TV to mirror the screen of whatever mobile device is connected to the Chromecast. Best of all? It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You must download the Google Home app before doing the following steps.

google chromecast device in white color
Video | 9to5Google

1. Plug the Chromecast into the Smart TV

Plug the Chromecast into the Smart TV’s HDMI ports and connect the other end to its power adapter. Hold down the power button on the side until the LED indicator lights up.

2. Set Up Your Phone’s Mobile Hotspot

Go to your phone’s Settings and enable Mobile Hotspot. You can set up a unique network name (SSID) and password or leave it on default.

3. Connect the Smart TV to the Hotspot

Connect the smart TV to the Mobile Hotspot by looking through the list of Available Networks under the Network Settings. Type in the password if needed.

4. Set Up Chromecast and Start Screen Mirroring

downloading and installing google home app on smartphone
Video | Insider Tech

Open the Google Home app on your phone to set up the Chromecast.

Let the Google Home app automatically look for your Chromecast device. If it fails to connect automatically, go to Devices and look for your Chromecast on the list shown. Once the Chromecast is detected, pair it with your phone by entering the generated code on the Smart TV screen.

Select Cast My Screen on the App, then press Cast Screen.


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