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How to Find Spy Microphone in my House?

Updated On June 18, 2021

Spy microphones are very popular these days and can be found anywhere. A home can be under surveillance by other people with these devices. Some straightforward steps can be taken to find a “bug” in a home. 

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Some professionals use these types of devices to search for any spy devices. Beginners will be able to perform the following steps, too, to use an RF detector properly.

1. Turn on the Device

Most of the time, an RF detector is easy to use by an inexperienced person. Many models of this type of device usually include a LED light bar. These LED lights indicate the strength of an RF signal in a given environment. (1)
RF detector
Included is an antenna that must be deployed to more accurately pick up any signal. No primary settings need to be applied when using this device. Turn on the device to be able to detect spy microphones or any other spy device.

2. Turn Off Electronic Devices

When using an RF detector, false-positive signals may be detected. Electronic devices used daily can cause interference in the search procedure for a spy device. It is advisable to turn off all electronic devices in the same area.

This should also include cell phones or available WiFi networks. Turning off all these devices will allow faster detection of possible spy devices or microphones. (2)

3. Sweep the Area

With the radiofrequency detector turned on, sweep the entire area where you suspect there is a spy microphone. To do a good job, it is recommended to thoroughly sweep the same room before moving on to another part of the house.

Different radio frequency detectors provide different ways to indicate the presence of a spy device. One of them is the set of LED lights that make up an intensity bar. As more lights are turned on, it means that the signals are getting stronger.

Another method used to indicate signal strength is small beeps or whistles. These short sounds begin to intensify as the user gets closer and closer to the spy device.

Most spy devices emit radio frequencies while operating. Only very few models with innovative technology avoid the emission of radio frequencies. A radio frequency detector will be helpful for the vast majority of devices that exist today.

4. Deactivate the Device

Once the user has found the device or the spy microphone, most of the work has been done. In this type of situation, the hardest part is always finding the device. From there, the user only needs to remove the power supply to the spy device.

The spy device might have a dual power supply. Removing the battery from the device may not be enough. Check that the spy microphone is connected via a cable to a continuous power source.
power cord
Removing any power source from the device is more than enough to stop the spy microphone from working.

Detection without RF Detector

There are two main ways to find a spy bug in a house without using a radio frequency detector. You only need a smartphone and some essential functions of this device.

1. Make a Call

Making a call with a smartphone can be enough to detect all kinds of interference. It is also recommended to switch off all electronic devices in the same room. Electronic devices, including spy devices, emit an electromagnetic field.

A call should be made with the cell phone and walk around the room. During this step, the user should pay attention to any interference that may occur. Usually, a buzzing, clicking or crackling sound can be heard while the person is on the active call.
make a call
When this happens, it is clear evidence that there is a spy device or electronic device on. This procedure must be performed several times to detect false signals coming from a conventional electronic device.

Once all electronic devices are turned off, the user should sweep the same area or room two or three times. This step should always be performed with the call active from the cell phone. Once a room has been checked several times, one can move on to the next room in the house.

2. Using the Smartphone Camera

Many digital cameras or smartphone cameras have a variety of functions. One such function allows you to detect or see infrared lights. A camera needs to be used to detect infrared lights as these lights are not detectable by the human eye.

Spy devices in general, such as spy microphones, could produce infrared light. These same devices may also produce a red LED light to indicate that they are in operation. 
smartphone camera
Not all spy microphones usually include an infrared light or an LED light to indicate power on. This feature is mainly contained in spy microphones that also have a spy camera. It is an additional mode in case the phone call did not work successfully. 

It is recommended to start looking at everyday objects in a house. A spy microphone is usually installed somewhere easily accessible. You might take a look at your living room or your kitchen.

Experts indicate that these places are usually the most chosen to install a spy microphone. This is because they are places where people might spend most of their time.

Final Words

Detecting a spy bug is a relatively simple activity when you know the necessary steps. It is a procedure that will allow people to protect their privacy. 

Before we end, you may want to check this learning guide on how to make a spy microphone! Until our next article!

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