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How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

Updated On February 5, 2021

Sometimes it is necessary to have a security camera to protect the family. However, it is not very easy to find an appropriate place to install a spy camera.  These days security cameras and spy cameras provide different and varied designs that can make it easier to find truly hidden locations to hide them. In these article, we will discuss the best way to hide these cameras. 
Believe it or not, hiding a security camera or spy camera may be easier than it looks. There are some very common hiding locations that people usually choose. When hidden well the security cameras in your home will not be detected. 
How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight
These days, there are a lot of specially designed cases on the market. Along with this, you also have the possibility of making your covers, creating the most appropriate style for your home.

If it is a child's room, you can choose a children's toy. Children will not know that a security camera has been installed and be more at ease. This is a great way to keep your home safe without disturbing or inconveniencing the rest of the family.

On the other hand, it could also be a great way to keep an eye on the babysitter. By doing this, the security camera or hidden cam will become one of the children's toys. Both the babysitter and others will not suspect that they are being watched.
Use a Plant or Foliage
This is simply another effective and at the same time simple tactic. The vast majority of homes have a few plants scattered throughout the house. People, in general, will not be suspicious, since it's uncommon to touch or come too close to these plants. It is an excellent place to install surveillance hidden cameras. (1)

Even the pots and plants have the versatility of being placed everywhere around the house. This will give you the possibility of having eyes in the places you need them. Whether you want to keep an eye on the inside or outside of your house, you can do so without any problems. The leaves of any tree or plant can cover and hide the hidden surveillance cameras.

Here you must choose the most suitable plants that work as camouflage. One of the most common drawbacks is that many plants are not the best for hiding a security camera. On the contrary, it could also be that a plant has too many leaves and they end up blocking the view of the security camera. (2)

However, even with these drawbacks, it is still one of the best ways to hide a security camera in your home. 
Use the Height
Another effective way is to use an object that is close to the ceiling. Usually, people's eyes do not focus on the ceiling. That is why it is one of the best places to hide a camera.

If you have chosen a compact security camera, it is more appropriate. Here you will have the ability to use a shelf, wires, books, or tall furniture. Even if you want to incorporate other decorative objects around, it will be much more convenient. These objects can be used to divert people's attention.
Use an Outlet
One of the least important and least noticeable objects in a home is an electrical outlet. And that's exactly why they are one of the best options for hiding cameras in plain sight. People visiting your home simply won't detect that they're being watched by surveillance cameras.

Of course, here you should have a camera that is small and compact. For that, the most ideal device is to find the best spy camera since they can provide excellent versatility. You should also consider the time of use that a battery can provide and the loop recording mode which is a recording mode that allows you to continuously overwrite old recorded info so the storage does not run out.


Where Can I Hide my Outdoor Security Cameras?
Some of the most effective places to install a security camera outside are fake rock, plants, trees, or shrubbery. In particular, it is a matter of choosing some objects that are common in a garden or at the entrance of a home.
Will a Security Camera Work Through a Window?
In principle, it is necessary to take into account that not all security cameras provide the same functionality. For a camera to detect movement through glass or crystal, it must be very high quality. To maximize memory and usability it is simply a matter of incorporating a well-functioning motion sensor so the camera turns on once someone passes the window.
How Can I hide my Spy Camera in my Bedroom?
Some very effective places to install a hidden camera in a room are an alarm clock, a bookshelf, a night table, a radio, among other options. In other words, it's a matter of selecting an object that is common in your room and that won't attract attention. Here's some spy camera instructions for you, in case you needed it.

Wrapping Up

Once you manage to find the most appropriate place to hide a camera, you will be much safer. It's one of the best ways to increase security and protection in your home.

The cameras will be in plain sight and will not be detected by other people, which can save you the trouble of having to explain why your recording. It is certainly worth taking the advice we have given here, happy spying!

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