How to Set Up a Spy Camera?

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A spy camera is a camera like any other but incorporating a small design. This means that simple steps can be followed that do not require specific knowledge. The user only needs to follow the steps below.Here you can check the best spy camera in the market this year!

1. Preliminary Considerations

Mini Spy CameraBefore setting it up correctly, necessary elements must be considered. A spy camera can be used with a cell phone or a PC. You must have a application for each of these devices.

  • iMiniCam: It is an application available for Android and allows you to configure a spy camera to be used with a cell phone. 
  • Yawcam: This is an application that can be used on a PC and allows you to configure the spy camera. One of the requirements of this program is that it needs Java for Windows.

It is also advisable to have the following items to get a good video recording time.

  • USB cable – mini USB cable
  • Battery charger
  • Power outlet
  • Micro SD card

Once we have these items, we will obtain an extended recording time. When the spy camera incorporates loop recording, you will have everything you need for unlimited recording time. You may want to check here a detailed information on how long can a spy camera record!

2. Install and Configure the App

The first step to configure the spy camera is to install the app on the PC or cell phone. The installation of any of the options we have mentioned is straightforward since it is installed in the same way as any other application.Once the installation of any of these programs is complete, the configuration must be performed. The goal is to choose our spy camera as the option we will use within the application. When dealing with a cell phone, it may be necessary to make a wi-fi connection to the camera. Even this can be done with a PC to avoid cables. a hand holding a spy camera

3. Choosing the Resolution 

It is possible to choose our spy camera from the same application that we have installed. The available resolutions will only be those that the spy cameras can offer. A Full HD 1080 pixels resolution is usually incorporated. A high resolution requires more memory when recording videos. (1)Many spy cameras also offer the possibility to choose the number of frames per second. A smooth, sharp image requires 60 frames per second. As with resolution, a high number of frames per second also requires much more memory.Some people choose 30 frames per second for a longer recording time with the same memory. Choosing 60 frames per second can be an excellent decision when combined with motion detection triggering. 

4. Check the Battery

When checking the battery, we must know the capacity of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery built into our spy camera. The battery capacity tells us the approximate recording time we can get. The amount of mAh determines the battery capacity.It must have a full battery charge to obtain a specific recording time. The recording time is not the same for all spy cameras and varies depending on the battery capacity and other functions.Unlimited continuous recording time can be obtained by plugging the spy camera into a power outlet. You only need to connect it using a battery charger and a micro-USB cable. The same can be done with a PC by clicking it on a USB cable.It should be checked if the spy camera can support this operation.It is not recommended to do this on some low-quality spy cameras. This could increase the device’s temperature, causing some damage to the internal components.

5. Insert the Micro SD Card

micro SDEach user can optimize this memory capacity by incorporating a Micro SD card. This provides a more significant ability to store videos of any resolution. Devices that offer loop recording can be combined with a Micro SD card. This is because this function deletes old videos when recording new images. (2)

6. Choose the Recording Mode

Many of today’s devices also incorporate additional recording modes. The most common is the continuous recording mode. Simply put, the spy camera will record continuously no matter what happens. This option quickly drains the battery and storage memory.There is also the motion detection mode. This mode turns on the camera and starts recording a video only when detecting any motion. This can save battery and use storage memory accurately.Some models also incorporate night vision. This mode should be activated if we need to record videos at night inside or outside the home. 7. Install the Spy Camerainstalling spy cameraThe best place to install the camera should be chosen. Everyday household objects are beneficial. The following tips are some good places to install the spy camera.

  • Tissue box
  • Pot with plants
  • Art pictures
  • Books
  • Library
  • Shelves
  • The highest part of a wall
  • Light fixtures

These are some of the ideas to consider, along with a wide field of vision.

In the case of installing the spy camera outdoors, it should be considered that it is a waterproof device. It must be efficiently supported or tethered. If the camera falls to the ground, it may be more than enough for it to stop working for good. 

Final Words

Setting up a spy camera is not very different from the procedure required for any other camera. The right place for installation should be taken into consideration. This will prevent anyone from detecting this camera too quickly.And if you ever wanted to do a DIY project on spy camera, here’s what you need, a learning guide on how to make a spy camera


(1) pixels – Micro SD card –

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