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How to Unlock Assurance Wireless Phone

Updated On December 14, 2022

Assurance Wireless is a prepaid wireless carrier that offers several features and benefits for its customers. This article will show you how to unlock your Assurance Wireless phone.

Here are the eligibility requirements to unlock your Assurance Wireless phone for free if it becomes locked and you are an Assurance Wireless customer.

  1. Assurance Wireless must provide the phone.
  2. The phone hasn’t been reported as stolen, lost, or unsuitable for unlocking.
  3. The phone needs to have been in use for the previous 12 months.
  4. Your Assurance Wireless Phone will automatically unlock if you are qualified in two business days.

We’ll go into more details below.

Unlock the Assurance Wireless Phone Method

Some phone network operators lock their client’s phones to lock you into the corporation to be more profitable in the competitive market. Regardless, this is not a reasonable deal for clients since many want to select carriers that deliver the most convenient services, and an unlocked phone is one of them.

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A locked mobile phone is a phone that is connected to operate only with one network provider, in our case, the Assurance mobile phone. The company unlocks your phone remotely for most phones unless otherwise. If the mobile phone does not support remote unlock, Assurance Wireless sends a message with exact instructions and actions to open the phone manually. The message will be delivered to you within two business days.

Before unlocking the Mobile phone, the cell phone must be qualified for opening. That is;

  1. The Phone is offered by Assurance Wireless.
  2. The phone you want to unlock hasn’t been reported as stolen, lost, or unsuitable for unlocking.
  3. The cell phone must be in use for the last 12 months.
  4. Your Assurance Wireless cell Phone will automatically unlock if you are Eligible in two business days.

If a device meets the requirements for remote unlocking and is qualified for unlocking, Assurance Wireless will remotely and automatically unlock the device within two business days. Assurance Wireless is unable to open some devices remotely. When a device qualifies, Assurance Wireless will inform it within two business days and provide the instructions to finish the assurance wireless mobile unlock process.

I have the MSL code for my Mobile Phone. Does that signify that my Mobile Phone is Unlocked?

No. Assurance Wireless can deliver the MSL code to qualified customers to deliver to their current carrier. Whether another carrier can or chooses to reprogram a mobile phone is subject to that carrier’s approaches and methods.

This approach is subject to modification without caution at Assurance Wireless’s constraint.

Unlock Instructions

Follow the steps below for Android mobile phones if you are notified that your device is qualified to be unlocked. If the notification mentions an open code, contact assurance at 888-321-5880 so we can deliver it.

  1. Assure that you’re connected to a wifi network with T-Mobile or Sprint corporation network.
  2. Select your Mobile phone on the Device page.
  3. Then, click the Security drop-down to see the steps to open your cell phone.
  4. Now, you can select the Permanent Unlock Phone.
  5. Wait while the mobile phone completes the unlock.
  6. Restart your phone.
  7. Contact Customer care if:
  • You don’t see the apps or settings listed for your mobile phone, as it may need an unlock code.
  • You fulfill the eligibility requirements but cannot unlock your mobile phone.
  • You have a Mobile phone which is not listed on the Devices page.

Mobile Phones that are Compatible with Assurance Wireless

Mobile phone compatibility is the capability of an iOS or Android-operated mobile phone to operate and run some applications and websites documented in iPhone and android environments, respectively. Assurance Wireless operates on the GSM network technology to deliver its assistance; thus, any phone that supports GSM network technology is suitable with assurance wireless. 

An Assurance Wireless SIM card performs best in an Assurance Wireless mobile phone. Some further established Virgin Mobile Phones may be operated with an Assurance Wireless account. Thus, some of the Assurance wireless compatible Mobile phones include:

  • LG G Stylo LS770VB Android 5.1
  • Samsung Entro Virgin Mobile Phone
  • Alcatel
  • Virgin Mobile Montage Prepaid Phone
  • OneTouch Retro
  • Kyocera Contact Black
  • Motorola Triumph Prepaid Android Phone
  • LG Stylo 2 Prepaid
  • Kyocera Brio Prepaid Phone


What does it mean for my mobile phone to be ‘locked’?

The word “locked” generally guides to a device that can be used with Assurance Wireless on the Sprint or T-Mobile networks and cannot be started on a competing carrier’s network. An “unlocked” device is not locked to Assurance Wireless services, and the user may try to start it on another carrier’s network. 

Will Assurance Wireless inform me when my mobile phone is eligible to be unlocked/has been opened?

Assurance Wireless will automatically open eligible mobile phones if it is technically viable for us to accomplish so. For any mobile phone that cannot be unlocked remotely, Assurance Wireless will notify the device when it evolves eligible with the following steps to complete the unlock process. If you need help unlocking the mobile phone, please contact Assurance Wireless Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880.

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