How to Unlock Assurance Wireless Phone

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This article shows you how to unlock your Assurance Wireless phone.

You can have your Assurance Wireless phone unlocked remotely for free if it becomes locked, and you’re an Assurance Wireless customer if: Assurance Wireless provided the phone; It hasn’t been reported as stolen, lost, or unsuitable for unlocking, and it has been in use within the last 12 months.

Your Assurance Wireless Phone will be automatically unlocked by Assurance Wireless within two business days if eligible. If remote unlocking is not possible, they will send instructions for you to do it manually.

I’ll go into more detail below. I’ve also outlined the manual unlocking process and mentioned what to do if the phone doesn’t unlock easily.

Locked Phones and Assurance Wireless

A locked mobile phone is connected to operate exclusively with one network provider.

You cannot switch to another network provider unless the phone is unlocked. Some network providers lock their client’s phones to lock you into their company. It’s a strategy to be more profitable in the competitive market.

However, mobile phone users might not see it as a reasonable thing to do. But, unlocking the phone becomes necessary if they want to select a different carrier for whatever reason.

In our case, I will show you how to unlock an Assurance Wireless mobile phone.

Unlocking an Assurance Wireless Phone

Assurance Wireless can unlock most mobile phone models remotely, with some exceptions.

Eligibility Requirements

Before trying to unlock your Assurance Wireless phone, ensure it is eligible. It is eligible if:

  • The Phone is offered by Assurance Wireless.
  • The phone you want to unlock hasn’t been reported as stolen, lost, or unsuitable.
  • The cell phone must be in use for the last 12 months.

Remote Unlocking

If your Assurance Wireless phone meets the above eligibility requirements for being unlocked and it can be unlocked remotely, the company will unlock it automatically within two business days.

Manual Unlocking

Assurance Wireless cannot open some older phone models remotely if they don’t support remote unlocking.

In that case, Assurance Wireless sends a message with precise instructions and, in some cases, a code within two business days to unlock the phone manually, as long as the phone is eligible.

Follow the unlock process of Assurance Wireless, and your phone will be unlocked. It is typically as follows but may differ depending on your specific model:

  1. Ensure you’re connected to a WiFi network with the T-Mobile or Sprint corporation network.
  2. Select your mobile phone on the Devices page.
  3. Click the Security drop-down to see the steps to open your cell phone.
  4. Now, select to unlock the phone permanently.
  5. Wait while the mobile phone completes the unlock process.
  6. Restart your phone.

You may need to contact Assurance Wireless’ customer care if:

  • You don’t see the app or setting listed for your particular mobile phone, as it may need an unlock code.
  • You fulfill the eligibility requirements, but your mobile phone doesn’t unlock.
  • You have a mobile phone that is not listed on the Devices page.

Note: This procedure is at the discretion of Assurance Wireless and may be subject to change.

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Compatible Mobile Phones

Only certain mobile phones are compatible with Assurance Wireless.

Firstly, your mobile phone is compatible if it runs an iOS or Android operating system. It can run certain applications and open websites documented in iPhone and Android environments.

Secondly, Assurance Wireless operates on the GSM network to deliver its assistance. So, any phone that supports GSM network technology may be compatible.

Thirdly, an Assurance Wireless SIM card performs best in an Assurance Wireless mobile phone, although some Virgin mobile phones may be operated with an Assurance Wireless account.

Assurance Wireless-compatible mobile phones include:

  • Alcatel
  • Kyocera Brio Prepaid Phone
  • Kyocera Contact Black
  • LG G Stylo LS770VB Android 5.1
  • LG Stylo 2 Prepaid
  • Motorola Triumph Prepaid Android Phone
  • OneTouch Retro
  • Samsung Entro Virgin Mobile Phone
  • Virgin Mobile Montage Prepaid Phone


What does it mean for my mobile phone to be ‘locked’ and ‘unlocked’?

The word “locked” generally means a mobile phone that can be used with Assurance Wireless on the Sprint or T-Mobile networks but which cannot operate on a competing carrier’s network.

An “unlocked” mobile phone is not locked to Assurance Wireless services, so the user may use it on another carrier’s network.

Will Assurance Wireless inform me when my mobile phone is eligible to be unlocked or has been unlocked?

Assurance Wireless will automatically unlock eligible mobile phones if requested, and it is technically possible to do it remotely.

For other mobile phones that cannot be unlocked remotely, Assurance Wireless will send a message, as long as the device is eligible, with instructions to complete the unlock process.

I received the unlock code for my mobile phone. Does that mean my mobile phone is unlocked?

No. Assurance Wireless delivers the unlock code to eligible customers with certain phone models to complete the unlock process. You will need to enter it when prompted.

I have the MSL number for my mobile phone. Is it already unlocked?

Not necessarily. Whether another carrier can or chooses to reprogram a mobile phone is subject to that carrier’s unlocking method.

I received a notification with an “open code”. What does that mean?

If you are notified that your device is eligible to be unlocked, and the message mentions an open code, contact Wireless Assurance at 888-321-5880 to have it delivered.

My Assurance Wireless phone is not unlocking, or how can I get help in unlocking it?

If you need help with unlocking an Assurance Wireless mobile phone, please contact Assurance Wireless Customer Care at 1-888-321-5880.

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