Why Can’t You Reach A Certain Phone Number?

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Angela Otero

You might not be able to reach a certain number via voice or data call for several reasons.

Typically, the main issue is a poor network connection, which is often the primary cause of these problems.

Here are the main reasons why a dialed number may not go through immediately:

Poor Network Coverage

If you or your contact has recently moved to an area with poor network coverage, you might experience difficulty making phone calls.

The call bounce rate is likely to be higher due to poor connectivity.

Although this may be a temporary issue, it will still be challenging to get a text or call through during these periods. You might need to wait a while before retrying the number.

In these situations, when you dial the number, you might hear only silence with no ring, and shortly after, you may lose whatever connection you had.

If this is the reason for your call failure, the affected contact or number will also have difficulty returning your call. However, you can still try to message them via text or WhatsApp.

Phone Is Switched Off

Another reason you might not be able to reach a number is that the owner has turned off their phone.

In this case, your network provider will inform you that the number is currently unavailable, or you might receive a “number not reachable” error message from your carrier.

If you have an urgent message, it’s a good idea to leave a text message, as the network will deliver it once their phone is back online.

You’re on the Contact’s Block List

If you’ve been trying to reach a particular number for several days without success, it’s possible the contact has blocked your incoming calls.

In this situation, your calls and messages won’t go through to that number.

To verify if you’ve been blocked, try calling the contact from a different number. If the call connects, it confirms that you’ve been blocked.

Another option is to hide your caller ID if you prefer not to use a different number. By using the ‘hide my number’ feature, you might bypass the contact’s block and successfully connect your call.

Line Congestion

Certain area codes can experience high congestion at specific times of the day.

Trying to call a number during these peak periods might not be the best idea if you want to ensure your call goes through.

Fortunately, dropped calls during these times are usually a temporary issue. After waiting a few hours for the network congestion to subside, you’ll be able to reach your contact again.

Out Of Service

The familiar “not reachable” or “no longer in service” message indicates that a number has been disconnected or is out of service.

Even if you attempt to call from different numbers, you will still receive the same message from the network provider.

This issue typically arises when a customer fails to pay their phone bills for an extended period. Consequently, the network provider cuts off their service and blocks the line, preventing all incoming calls.

Don’t-Call-Back Networks

These numbers are designed for outgoing calls only. So, if you try to call one, you’ll receive a “not reachable” message.

If you suspect this is the issue, it’s a good idea to double-check the number by searching online to see if it belongs to a business or hospital.

Additionally, look for a public contact number for the company or organization if you need to respond to a message or address an urgent matter.

Phone Settings

It’s also possible that you or your contact may have unintentionally changed a phone setting, disrupting your ability to make or receive calls.

For instance, your calls won’t connect if Airplane Mode is enabled.

Similarly, if your contact has accidentally turned on the “Do Not Disturb” setting, they might miss your call.

To ensure your phone settings are correct, double-check them and make any necessary adjustments.

In Conclusion

If you’re having trouble reaching someone by phone, there’s no need to panic!

Failed calls are often the result of a weak network connection or poor coverage.

It’s possible that either you or your contact is in an area with limited network access, causing your calls to fail.

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