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How to Hide a Spy Voice Recorder

Updated On June 22, 2021

Spy audio recorders are only effective if you can hide them well. So how do you hide a spy recorder?

Have you ever grown suspicious about who your spouse is talking to on the phone? Or maybe, you are concerned about your kids. Perhaps you run a business, and you think you are losing your sales because your employees are unethical.

You have a reason why you want to hide a spy recorder. Therefore, it is essential to know how to place the device well. And here are the tips to do it efficiently.

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spy recorder stick
If you suspect something strange, you can hide a piece of a recording device to listen to a conversation. It may not be perfectly legal in some places, but it doesn't mean you cannot do it. The government and police are using them to track down criminals and illegal transactions.

Now, you need to make sure that the spy recorder perfectly fits the task you need it to perform. Take a look at these features that a spy recorder must-have.

1. Battery

The battery determines the operation period of the recorder. For example, if you want to hide it in a place you don't often visit, the device should be able to hold on for a longer time.

The battery life of spy voice recorders varies depending on the style. For instance, a USB flash stick voice recorder can handle a 10-hour of continuous recording. Some have a long recording duration, such as the voice recording pen, which can record for up to 71 hours on a single charge. In high-quality mode, 35 hours is possible, while in low-quality, 17 hours duration is possible.

However, keep in mind that the battery's life goes into standby time and recording time.

2. File Storage 

The essential function of a spy audio recorder is to record communications discreetly and to be able to retrieve and playback the recordings when needed. The most simplistic approach is to use an onboard micro SD card with a storage capacity of at least one gigabyte (GB). (1)

You only want ample file storage if you work in a law firm, government, or the police. That is because they are working on complex cases and need to record indefinitely for documentation.

3. Microphone Quality

The quality of the mic will regulate how audible the recorder’s audio is. Most cheap spy recorders are using non-condensed microphones. So the output is always hard to understand, which means it is useless. It would be wise if the recorder can also absorb high-quality sound. This is important if you are presenting the audio as evidence in court.

In this post, we will only focus on hiding these tiny spy recorders.

Here are the Effective Ways to Hide a Spy Recorder

Concealing an audio recorder takes place in different forms. It may be in the workplace, in the house, even inside your car, or in meetings and interviews, etc.

There are five common types of spy audio systems: USB charger recorder, USB flash stick voice recorder, voice recording pen, key fob voice recorder, and the black box voice recorder.

The good news is that they appear as a standard object that you can find on the office, table, and vehicle. So no one will suspect that someone is listening to their conversation through recorded audio.

How to Hide a USB Charger Recorder

USB stick
This spy audio recorder functions and looks the same as the regular battery charger with a USB. Only that, a USB charger recorder is fitted with a digital voice recording mechanism. It is very functional as it can be plugged in most indoor environments and capture audio evidence for 14 days and detect speech at a distance of 25. (2)

How to Hide it?
1. Just connect any device to its USB port, preferably a smartphone, tablet, and laptop
2. Plug it in a dead outlet
3. Hide it inside a bag
4. Place it on a table or under a cabinet
Do not place it near AC units as it can detect its sound due to low emitting vibrations.

How to Hide a USB Flash Stick Voice Recorder

Who can tell that this mass storage device is also a voice recorder? The way it looks, no one can identify that it is another form of a spy audio recorder.

How to Hide:
1. Simple, carry it in your pocket for the on-the-spot recording
2. Leave it on top of your table to capture recordings when you are absent
3. Stick it inside the side pocket in your backpack and leave the bag in the scene
4. Or bring it with you to meetings, interviews, presentations, and other appointments

How to Hide a Voice Recording Pen

spy recording pen
Carrying a pen as a handy note-taking instrument is another kind of spy recorder disguise.

How to Disguise:
1. Clipped it in a top shirt
2. Or put it in a blouse pocket
3. Carry it with a notebook
4. Leave it on top of your desk or table or mix it with other pens in the holder

How to Hide a Key Fob or Keychain Voice Recorder

This spy recorder is a simple accessory that goes with a set of keys. Therefore, no one will suspect that it's a voice recorder.

How to Disguise it?
1. This surveillance audio recorder is perfect for body-worn, locked particularly in belt loops
2. Or deploy this key fob within your room or vehicle to record events.

How to Hide a Black Box Voice Recorder

black box recorder
Black box spy recorder is a compact professional audio recording device initially used for law enforcement. Today, this device is available for public use as well.

How to Hide?
It is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can accommodate almost any household or personal item. You might, for example, shuffle it with home/office decorations. Or put it under the bookshelf or behind the desk. Almost certainly, wherever this tiny audio recorder can suit.


The efficient way to hide a spy recorder is to make it look like an everyday thing. Otherwise, people can easily avoid or destroy the recorder if caught.

Do you have something to share on how to hide a spy recorder? Please leave a comment below.

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