How to Detect a Spy Voice Recorder

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You can choose to search for a physical or an electrical signal to detect spy microphones or voice recording devices. A physical search does not require any special tools. To search for electrical signals, you must have a radio frequency detector. But, before we proceed, you may want to check the best spy voice recorder in the market this year!

How to Detect a Spy Voice Recorder without an RF Detector

In most cases, no special tool is needed, except for a flashlight. It is also recommended to turn off all electronic devices in the same suspicious area. Once this is done, the following steps should be followed.

1. Search for a Small Sound 

small deviceSome spy devices work by producing small, almost silent buzzing or clicking sounds. Many of these devices make a clicking sound as they operate. It may be wise to walk through the same area suspected of having a spy voice recorder. There should be complete silence to detect these small and very subtle buzzing sounds.

Investigating Everyday Objects

electronic devices in a networkMany everyday objects are perfect for hiding a spy device, such as a spy voice recorder. Some of the most common objects used in the following:

  • Smoke detectors and similar electronic devices: These electronic devices are widely used as they do not arouse any suspicion. These electronic devices function as such while also hiding some spy device. (1)
  • Decorative objects: There may be some decorative objects that look strange or that complement in an excellent way the same environment. These decorative objects can vary and range from a simple vase of flowers to a perfectly arranged teddy bear.
  • Suspicious wires: People don’t pay much attention to the wires in a room. It can be very useful to walk through each wire to find out exactly where it is going. Spy devices require a continuous power supply for a long time of use. Some cable may be found in them.

You may want to check here how to hide a spy voice recorder.

3. Use a Flashlight and Turn Off the Lights

flash lightThe next step to perform is to turn off all lights and use a flashlight to perform a more efficient search. Some spy devices incorporate a blinking or permanently on the LED light. This light is very subtle but necessary to indicate the operation of the spy device.Turning off the lights and looking through the different objects in a room can make it easier to find a spy voice recorder or any other spy device. The flashlight can also be very useful in detecting these devices in two-way mirrors. (2)A two-way mirror has the versatility that it is a mirror on one side but a window on the other. People could be being watched or heard from one mirror. You can remove the mirror or use the flashlight as close as possible to detect some light or sound. As the last option, you can cover the mirror with an opaque object.

How to Detect a Spy voice Recorder with an RF Detector

RF detectorAn RF detector can be used to find a spy device and a smartphone. Making a cell phone call can serve similarly to an RF detector.

1. Turning On and Using the RF Detector

This type of tool is easy to use and incorporates a deployable antenna. The antenna must be deployed, and the device turned on to begin searching. A set of lights is incorporated to inform about the signal strength.Before searching, all electronic objects must be switched off. When there is an electronic object on, this can generate a false positive signal. The user should walk through a whole room with the RF detector turned on. When the signal is stronger, it means that the spy object is nearby.

2. Making a Cell Phone Call

cellphone callAnother common way is to use a cell phone as a radio frequency while making a call. This happens because any electronic device usually generates static or interference. A call must be made, and the entire room must be scanned.For this, you should turn off all electronic devices that could generate a false signal. When the person is close to the spy device, you should hear some buzzing or interference in the call.It is most efficient to move away from and closer to the area where interference occurs. This is a simple and quick way to approach the suspicious location. 

Final Words

A spy recording device or any other spy device can be easily detected with the right information. Having a radio frequency detector can facilitate this type of task.Those who do not have this tool can also perform a complete search with the other techniques we have mentioned. People will be able to protect their privacy in their own homes or other public places such as hotel rooms.You may want to check the learning guide on how to make a spy voice recorder!


(1) electronic devices – two-way mirrors –

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