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How to Make a Spy Voice Recorder

Updated On June 18, 2021

A spy voice recorder is a handy device in various situations. A new device may require a high cost that users are unwilling to spend. There is a straightforward way to manufacture a spy device that is your own and cheap.

To do this, you need to follow the following steps precisely. This will allow you to learn in a simple way how to make a spy voice recorder.

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To create a voice recording spy device, you must have a few small items. Most of the time, the following implements are usually found in any household. We can develop a spy voice recording device that does not require additional items. The items needed in the following:
  • Smartphone microphone
    Jack connection headphones
  • Wire stripper
  • Small soldering iron
  • Smartphone
  • Voice Recording App

1. Working with the Microphone

microphone at home
The microphone that can be useful for creating our spy device is the typical microphone bundled with a cell phone. We need to cut the main cable of the headset that comes with the microphone for a cell phone. We should only be left with the cable with the jack connector on one side and the internal wires on the other. (1)

We must also remove all the plastic structures to have the microphone inside. We are only interested in having the microphone and the two cables that serve to make the connection. You only need to remove the structure that covers the microphone by performing this procedure carefully.

2. Working with the Cable and the Soldering Iron

Once we have the microphone on one side, we must work with each of the four internal wires of the main cable with the Jack or 3.5mm connection. When we find the four inner cables, we are only interested in keeping the red sheathing wire and the yellow sheathing wire.

These two small wires incorporated inside the main cable are used to connect with the microphone. We must use the wire stripper to remove a portion of the primary sheathing. Once we do this, we must also cut two of the four wires that are not red and yellow.

Once we get the red and yellow wires, we must veil these wires by removing the coating of these colors. We will have the metal exposed to be able to use the solder.

The soldering iron must be used to join the red wire of the main cable with the red wire of the microphone. The same thing we must do with the second cable that we have left of the top cable together with the second connection of the microphone. It is recommended to incorporate a thermoplastic cable and not leave these small cables out in the open. (2)

3. Obtaining the Voice Recording Application 

voice recording
The result we should get from the previous step is a cable that has a 3.5 mm connection on one side and a microphone on the other. We need a voice recording app to be able to use the smartphone. There are many recommended apps for Android, such as:
  • Audio Recorder 2.01.42
  • Smart Recorder
  • ASR Voice Recorder

These options allow us to get a varied amount of functions that we can use according to our objectives. The configuration of any of these applications is straightforward and is done in just a few steps. This means that there should be no inconvenience for novice users.

4. Testing the Device

testing device
The best way to efficiently use this spy voice recording device is through a long cable. If we have done an excellent job in the first steps, we should get along the cable with a microphone at one end. This will allow us to hide the smartphone efficiently.

The smartphone can be hidden in all kinds of spaces within a home or on top of the user's clothing. The length of the cable can be used to place the microphone in a favorable position. We can record all kinds of conversations without other people detecting this device. You may want to check here how to detect a spy voice recorder.

You can avoid spending money on different implements by doing all these steps. Those who do not have a soldering iron can borrow one to work with for a few minutes. Most of the voice recording applications are free. There are practically no additional costs.

Final Words

Learning how to make a spy voice recorder will allow anyone to have a helpful device applicable in various situations. As we have seen, users will not have to spend money as old objects and implements can be used. If you have any questions, you can leave your comment below or share the article if you liked it.

(1) jack connector -
(2) soldering iron -

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