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Angela Otero

If you want to record and listen to a conversation from a distance, the use of a microphone spy will make it possible. With spy microphones, you can easily snoop remotely and do your spying without being detected.The idea of this fantastic do-it-yourself (DIY) project is to create a listening device that looks like an ordinary object. The instructions are easy, and you can try them at home. I’ve learned this from my past projects, and it works well, I would say.So, let’s get it on! You may want to check the best spy microphone in the market this year!

How to Make a Spy Microphone Hidden in an Old VHS Tape or DVD Box

DVD boxThis project is a perfect example of how you can use old everyday home objects and turn them into spy gear.To jumpstart, you will need the following:Materials

  • Old VHS tape or dvd box
  • Stereo amplifier listener or sound amplifier (this can be purchased at any radioshack or online at amazon, also any old voice recorder you have laying around will work)
  • Wireless FM transmitter
  • AA Battery holder ( specifically double-holder)

DIY Tools

  • Small screwdrivers
  • Soldering gun and lead
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Lighter
  • Portable Dremel tool
  • Hot glue gun with sticks

How to Assemble Spy Microphone Using a Sound Amplifier and FM Transmitter:

  1. Remove the boards from the amplified listener and the FM transmitter. (1)
  2. Take apart the two cases and remove the screws.
  3. Take out all the components of the amplified listener and the FM transmitter to save some space. In this project, only the parts are helpful; you may discard the housing.
  4. The amplified listener has two microphones. 
  5. Extend the wires on those microphones by unsoldering the wires on the circuit board and from each microphone.Extend the wires about 6 inches for both microphones.
  6. To make a power line, tap at least 6 inches of wires to both the amplified listener and FM transmitter to connect the wire going to the battery holder.
  7. To avoid electrical short circuits, use a lighter and heated shrink tubing to prevent electrical contact between two wirings. There you go, a DIY spy listening device that you can use.

How Does it Work?

After connecting the two mics to the amplified listener and FM transmitter, here’s how it works;

  • The sound amplifier and two microphones will pick up the sound that the FM transmitter will receive.
  • Then the FM transmitter transmits the sound over a specified frequency.

It’s a good idea to perform frequency tests in your area to hit the appropriate frequency. Set the frequency at a steady rate.The next step should be to seek an object to keep the part within. And, since we want to listen in on conversations from afar, using items that seem to be regular household decor or displays with no practical use is ideal. In this case, I like to use an old VHS tape with boring labels so that no one touches it.

How to Integrate the Spy Microphone Inside the VHS Tape Case:

DVD set

  1. Disassemble the VHS tape by first taking out all the screws. Set the screws aside for later use.
  2. Take out all the inner components to make room for the new parts.
  3. To entirely remove the inner parts, use the Dremel tool to cut out all of the interior plastics, leaving just the screw holes for reassembling. (2)
  4. Put the new components (2 mics, sound amplifier, FM transmitter) inside the roomy VHS case.
  5. Drill 2 small holes that fit the microphone’s size at the end of the case, one for the first microphone and one for the other microphone near the recording tab.
  6. Use a glue gun to fasten everything in place.
  7. Use the two actual holes on the bottom of the VHS tape to have easy access to both power switches for the sound amplifier and FM transmitter.
  8. After gluing all the components in place, put the cover back using screws and put it on the VHS sleeve.

All is in place, and your discreet wireless device is prepared to carry out your top-secret surveillance mission. The advantage of having a VHS tape is that no one cares about old VHS tapes these days. So no one would suspect whether you keep it with your old movie series or next to your old VHS player.Alternatively, you may pretend to be a VHS video collector to your coworkers and carry the item to your workplace, which would also work.What’s fascinating about working on this project is that you can use this covert listening device in various household objects other than VHS tapes. Integrating a spy wireless system onto some other household item is as easy as you expect as long as your creativity encompasses the actual intent. Make use of your imagination to do something new and exciting.Make sure to leave enough space on the object you plan to use. This way, you can easily make the requisite changes as required.

Other Suggestions are:

1) You can carve out a book. Cut somewhere in the middle part to make enough space for the spy components to fit in. Position the book together with your other printed materials on your table, bookshelf, or any perfect spot to make surveillance.2) Put the spy component inside a painted jar decor, especially the one used to hold plastic flowers. Integrate the components well inside. Perfect for the center table, countertops, and racks.3) If you want to perform espionage outdoors, combine the spy microphone with an artificial wall planter or flower bed. Make sure to cover it with plastic or other materials to protect the device from liquid matter. And put it on your lawn, balcony, or under the coffee table where you usually have conversations.There are a lot of options you can perform. What is necessary is the proper installation of the primary components, mainly the wireless spy microphone (2 mics, sound amplifier, FM transmitter). You may check this video;


There you have the simple methods to make your own prototype wireless spy microphone out of an old VHS tape casing. Perhaps you’d like to adopt this or create your own version for your next project.You may want to check this learning guide on how to find spy microphone in my house.If you have more ideas to share, leave them in the comments below.


(1) FM transmitter – Dremel tool –

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