How to View a Security Camera on Phone Using Cellular Data

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How exactly can you use cellular data to monitor a surveillance camera via your phone? And how can you connect the receiver or DVR to your phone? Even when we are not at our homes or businesses, we can still check what’s been happening.Here, we will go through how to access a security camera on phone using cellular data. Check here the cellular security camera article guide.

Wi-Fi versus Cellular Data

The use of a Wi-Fi link to your cell phone provides a solid and consistent internet connection through a router but comes only within a limited range. On the other hand, cellular data is ideal for linking to the internet through your cell phone signal, mainly when you are away from home. Thus, if you are in a specific area with no Wi-Fi connections, you can still access the surveillance cameras as long as the provider’s coverage is available. In other words, it is your on-the-go access to internet connection away from Wi-Fi.Before I get into the details of the instructional procedures, let me first clarify the difference between using Wi-Fi and cellular network on a mobile unit.

Wi-Fi versus Cellular Connections Table
Technical Description Cellular Data Wi-Fi

Access via

Via network/service provider through cell towers

Via router, in-home setup

Area to cover

It covers large areas, including cities, metropoles within the scope of the network provider

In small and in-home locations within specific coverage areas such as homes, small businesses, and government facilities. (location-based service)


Unlimited range (within carrier’s network)

Limited range (Wi-Fi range distance)

Protection security

Very secure and private

Pretty good, depending on how you locked down your connection.


Wireless connection for mobile devices using SIM cards

Various gadgets for both Wi-Fi and LAN cable access connection. (laptop, tablet, MacBook, DVR/NVR, desktop, etc.)

Type of connection


Both Wireless and LAN cable

The chart concludes that viewing surveillance cameras on your phone via cellular data is advantageous when Wi-Fi connectivity is inaccessible.

How Can You View a Surveillance Camera on Phone Using Cellular Data?

home security mobile appThe advancement of technologies now helps you track your CCTV surveillance without being tethered to your CCTV monitors. For that reason, mobile phones paved their way for creating an innovative solution for delivering accurate results to surveillance missions.This time, I’ll give you a short tutorial on setting up a security camera on your phone in step-by-step detail.Read more here on how do cellular security cameras work.

Step 1. Establish an Internet Connection for DVR

To get started, let’s find out first what we will use.We need a Wi-Fi router and a UTP cable for the internet connection. Now, plug the UTP cable into the port on the back of the router. Then plug in the other end of the UTP cable on the LAN port at the receiver’s back or DVR. (1)

Step 2. Mobile Phone Configuration

To carry out a remote surveillance mission using cellular data, you must sync the DVR/NVR with your phone via a mobile app.This stage requires thorough research. However, if you take these easy steps, you will get off to a great start.Now let’s go over to our mobile phones. The first thing to do is to download an IP camera application for mobile phones.Today’s industry offers a plethora of IP camera applications for remote monitoring of security cameras. These apps provide dependable and accurate remote viewing to your security cameras through cellular networks or Wi-Fi.The number of references includes Milestone, Optica, Smartvue, Qnap, Everfocus, Eyemax, and Hikvision. These are the renowned global developers of the Android IP camera software that thrives over mainstream technology.In my case, I use the Hik-connect app (Hikvision), which is common in our region. You are free to use whatever IP app you want for your convenience. (2)Android IP Cam App Installation Procedure:1. Go to the Play store.2. Install the software on your mobile phone.3. Once done installing, open the application and follow the preceding necessary instructions allowing your phone to have access to the required files.4. Select and enter your region.After selecting the desired smartphone app, you must create an account to log in.How to Register Hik-Connect Account:register connection1. Click the section at the upper left corner of the app Home to register an account.2. Now, click “”register HIK-Connect””. Choose a phone number or Email address and create a password.3. Get a verification code. If you use a phone number, the code will be sent to your phone via SMS, or check your email if you use an Email address.4. Once the code is retrieved, input the code (4 digits).5. Then, click “Next” and follow the following procedure.6. Lastly, click “Finished.”After app installation and account registration, go back to your DVR to configure additional settings.

Step 3. DVR Setup

1. On your in-home monitor screen, you can see displays of CCTV video.2. Right-click on the screen and select “Menu.”3. If you have a personal password, input it to unlock the screen.4. Go to “My Configuration or Configuration, ” then click “Network.”5. Wait for the IP address to become available.The availability of an IP address indicates that the device already connects to the internet. If, for instance, the IP address does not appear, you can recheck the cable connection or your internet.6. The next thing to do is go to “Platform Access” in the top left corner of the monitor.7. Click “”enable”” and enter a verification code. Create an easy-to-remember verification code for later use. Ex., 098765438. Click the service Terms and Privacy Statement box.9. And then click “OK” at the bottom screen and then “Apply.”10. Wait for the status to go “Online.” After obtaining status Online, it is now ready to connect to your phone.After the DVR is set up, go back to your mobile phone.1. Open the HIK-Connect app on your phone.2. Click the “+” sign at the top right corner of your screen and click “allow.”3. Scan the QR code by aligning it in the center of your mobile screen. (3)4. After scanning the QR code, click the details provided and “Confirm” using the verification code you have set up previously, 09876543.5. Finally, the “Added” status appears.6. When the cell phone monitor starts displaying footage, click the “Live View” button and confirm again using the device verification code you have provided earlier, 09876543.7. Now the real-time captures then begin to work on the display, which means it is already connected to your mobile phone.You may now start viewing security footage on your phones over a wireless connection.You may check these two Youtube Videos below;


So there you have it, the in-depth instructions for viewing a security camera on your phone using cellular data. You may also would like to find more information on how to use cellular data for security camera.Did you learn something new today? Share your comments here.


(1) UTP cable – Hik-connect app – QR code –

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