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Have you ever been torn between getting the latest iPhone and investing in a tablet? What if I told you you could have both without breaking the bank?

Many mobile carriers provide promotional packages that bundle an iPhone with a free tablet, usually with a long-term contract. The deals often include monthly fees and data charges.

CarrieriPhone PurchaseTablet OfferedConditions/Requirements
VerizoniPhones (all models)Ellipsis 8 tabletPurchase an iPhone and add a data plan for the new tablet
AT&TiPhones (all models)AT&T Trek 2 HDPurchase an iPhone, sign up for a 2-year wireless agreement
T-MobileiPhones (all models)Alcatel 3T or A30Purchase any iPhone version, add the device to the qualifying plan

This article will explore why these deals are worth considering, their benefits, and how they enhance our digital lifestyle.

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iPhone and Tablet Promotional Deals

Let’s talk deals, specifically the ones that get you an iPhone and a free tablet. Can’t beat that, right? The mobile industry is constantly rolling out enticing promotional packages to woo new customers or keep their existing ones happy.

Here’s what I’ve seen over the years: most of these deals typically require a two-year contract or installment plan for both devices. That means you’ll pay off that “free” tablet in little chunks as part of your monthly bill.

Let me tell you about some stats I came across recently. According to Statista, back in 2020:

YearNumber of Tablets shipped
2020161 million units

That’s a whole lot of tablets being snapped up by consumers worldwide! And with promotions offering them as freebies alongside iPhones, there’s no wonder why they’re so popular.

Popular Carriers Offering the Deal

I’ve been researching and found a few major carriers stepping up their game. They’re offering some great deals that bundle iPhones with free tablets. Let’s dive in.


A person holding a tablet with the verizon logo on it

They are known for their vast coverage. If you buy an iPhone from them, they’ll throw in an Ellipsis 8 tablet at no extra cost. Just remember to add a data plan for your new gadget.


Amazon fire hd vs kindle fire hd
Video | Noah Sollie

Their deal involves buying an iPhone and getting an AT&T Trek 2 HD tablet on the house! You’ll need to sign up for a 2-year wireless agreement, but it’s worth considering if you plan to stick around.


A tablet is sitting on top of a table
Video | LG Android

They’ve got a similar offer: purchase any version of the iPhone and receive a free Alcatel 3T or A30 Tablet. Note that this also requires adding these devices to qualifying plans.

Understanding the Offer

  • Deals. These promotions typically come from mobile network providers who want to sweeten their contract offerings. They know how much we love our gadgets and often throw in an extra device as part of a package deal.
  • Long-term contract. These offers usually require a commitment to a long-term contract.
  • Monthly Fee. Sure, you’re getting two devices for the price of one upfront, but remember – nothing in life comes for free!
  • Data Usage Charges. Your shiny new iPhone and bonus tablet will need internet access after all.
  • Terms and Conditions. It might seem tedious, but understanding the fine print can save you from unexpected surprises.
  • Warranty Coverage. Ensure your iPhone and tablet are protected under warranty because let’s face it – accidents happen!

How to Get the Offer

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I get in on this deal?” Well, let me walk you through it. It’s simpler than you might think!

Step 1: Visit a retailer we mentioned

A screen shot of a mobile phone store

  • You can either do this online or in person. You could try a big-name store like Best Buy or Target but don’t rule out smaller retailers either – they often have great deals.

Step 2: Select an iPhone

A display options of iphones on a webpage

  • Browse through the iPhone selection in the store that suits your needs.

Step 3: Check for Promotions

A screenshot of the target deals page

  • Once you’ve picked out your iPhone, look for promotions, including a free tablet. These offers are typically advertised prominently but if not, don’t hesitate to ask the sales staff about it. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Step 4: Proceed to Checkout

  • When you’ve found an offer that suits your needs and budget, proceed with the checkout process. If shopping online, enter any necessary promo codes during checkout for the discount to apply.

Step 5: Review Terms and Conditions

  • Always read the terms and conditions before finalizing your purchase. The last thing you want is unexpected charges because of misunderstood fine print.

Step 6: Complete the Purchase

  • Lastly, once everything checks out, complete your purchase. You can typically expect your new iPhone and free tablet to be delivered to your doorstep within 3 to 7 business days, depending on the carrier’s shipping policies and your location.

Benefits of the Dual Device Dynamic

Regarding the intersection of productivity, convenience, and entertainment, owning an iPhone and a tablet emerges as a game-changing combination.

Let’s delve deeper into how possessing these two gadgets can radically transform and simplify your digital lifestyle:

  • Versatility in Screen Size: The iPhone’s portability makes it perfect for on-the-go tasks, quick communications, and capturing those sudden, fleeting moments with its stellar camera. On the other hand, a tablet, with its larger screen, provides an immersive experience, be it for binge-watching, reading e-books, or sketching out ideas.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With both devices, you can multitask like a pro. Imagine screen sharing a presentation from your tablet while taking notes or making business calls on your iPhone. This duo lets you manage professional tasks seamlessly without having to compromise.
  • Storage & Backup: Having two devices doubles up your storage capacity. Important documents, photos, or apps can be stored across both gadgets, ensuring you always have a backup. And with seamless iCloud integration, transferring data between the two is a breeze.
  • Dedicated Use Cases: Set clear boundaries between leisure and work. You can reserve your tablet for tasks like content creation, reading, or media consumption and use the iPhone for communication, social media, and instant photography. This kind of segregation can even contribute to better digital well-being.
  • Gaming & Entertainment: The iPhone’s stellar processing power already offers a top-notch gaming experience. Imagine elevating that experience with a larger screen tablet, diving deeper into the graphics, and navigating more precisely.
  • Continuity & Synchronization: One of Apple’s standout features is the ecosystem’s seamless integration. Start drafting an email on your iPhone during your commute and finish it on your tablet once you’re home. Or copy a link on one device and paste it on another. It’s all about uninterrupted workflow.
  • Battery Life Management: Having two devices means you’re less likely to drain the battery of one rapidly. While your iPhone can be reserved for more power-intensive tasks on the go, your tablet can be your media consumption buddy at home, balancing the battery usage between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

How’s the warranty situation for the free tablet?
Most carriers give the same warranty as if you bought the tablet separately. Peace of mind is always in style, so double-check to ensure your new tech is covered.

Can I avail of this offer even if I’m currently under contract with another provider?
Switching lanes, huh? Some carriers offer switcher deals or will even help pay off your old contract. But policies differ, so definitely reach out to the new provider first.

Is this deal available all year round?
These deals tend to pop up around big sale events or holidays. But if you’re a deal-hunter like me, check in with carriers now and then – you might catch a surprise promotion!

Do I get to choose the model of the tablet?
A specific tablet model is usually paired with the iPhone deal. A bonus is a bonus. Still, it’s always worth asking your provider if there are options.

If I decide to return the iPhone, what happens to the tablet?
Ah, the old switcheroo! If you return one, you’ll need to return the other. But policies can vary, so always double-check with the retailer or carrier.

Are both devices locked to a particular network?
Most times, yep! These deals usually come with the gadgets being network-locked. But after fulfilling certain conditions, you can get them unlocked. Handy, right?

What happens if I lose the “free” tablet?
Oh, bummer! Like any other device, if it’s gone, it’s gone. But insurance or protection plans could be a lifesaver. It’s always worth considering when you’re getting new tech.

Are there any limitations to the tablet’s functionalities since it’s “free”?
Free doesn’t mean skimpy! Your tablet should come with all the bells and whistles, just like if you bought it straight up. Dive in and enjoy!


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