What is an Endoscope Camera?

endoscopic camera

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An endoscopic camera is a device that is used to view and record video in inaccessible places. The equipment consists of a long cable and a camera at the end.The long cable or the flexible tube used in an endoscope must be suitable for its specific use. That is why the flexible tube used in a medical endoscopy is not used for a pipe inspection. Each flexible tube has two or three main optical cables.These cables can contain up to 50,000 separate optical fibers made of visual quality plastic or glass. One of these cables is responsible for capturing the images through the camera. The other cable is responsible for providing light.The light is necessary because, inside a human body or a pipe, there is not enough light to obtain images. One of these cables will only transmit the data about the images obtained. Before anything else, you may read this article for the best endoscope camera in the market this year! And if you can’t choose a good one and decided on the last minute to create your own, you may check this learning guide on how to make endoscope camera at home.

When is an Endoscopic Camera Used?

endoscope glandOne of the typical uses of this type of camera is in general medicine or veterinary medicine. Either of these fields requires an investigation of the human body’s interior or the body of an animal.An endoscopic camera is one of the fundamental pieces of equipment to perform a surgery or a highly complex study. A human orifice is used to insert a flexible tube into a person’s body. (1)These cameras require external illumination that can reach the human body. This illumination can detect remarkable images, which in turn can see an injured or diseased body part. An endoscopic camera can also record pictures or obtain live photos.You’ll be able to find a borescope camera (which is pretty similar to the endoscopic camera) that is also used for the inspection of pipes or pipelines. All kinds of problems can be detected without damaging the entire length of the pipe or walls.  These are two very similar cameras with similar functions.Either of these cameras is required to check hard-to-reach spaces. This category also includes dark cracks in a wall, internal parts of a vehicle or machinery. (2)

What is a WIFI Endoscope Camera?

endoscope cameraUnlike an ordinary endoscope camera, this type of camera incorporates additional functions. It can work in combination with a smartphone or an iPhone. It is an accessory that is connected via a wi-fi connection.It is possible to use a long tube to be able to check all kinds of hard-to-reach spaces. This equipment usually offers each of the features of a standard endoscope. It is possible to take pictures and videos without the need to connect a cable to this equipment. 

What Diseases can be Detected by an Endoscopic Camera?

wifi endoscopic cameraWhen an endoscopic camera is used in medicine, it is possible to detect diseases or complement surgeries. For several decades this equipment has been one of the most widely used due to detecting the following conditions.

  • Blockages
  • Narrowing or stenosis of the esophagus
  • Celiac disease
  • Precancerous abnormalities
  • Swelling or inflammation
  • Links to cancer
  • Ulcers
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Final Words

The endoscopic camera is undoubtedly one of the most efficient inventions to see in inaccessible places. This can be useful in medicine and other fields such as veterinary medicine, mechanics, pipe inspection, and many other uses. That is why both professionals and amateurs are interested in this type of equipment.


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