What is the Smallest Camera You Can Buy?

smallest spy camera

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Angela Otero

If we consider wireless wi-fi functionality, the smallest camera you can buy is the FREDI Hidden Spy Camera. When we consider the smallest camera with a portable design, we should talk about the TPEKKA Mini Spy Hidden Camera HD.But before that, you may want to see our guide to the best mini camera! You may also check this learning guides on how do mini cameras work and how to hide a mini spy camera!


FREDI Spy CamThis is one of the smallest cameras you can buy with dimensions of 1.18in, 0.7oz cube. Despite its size, it is a highly functional camera that can fit in a pocket or all kinds of spaces.The disadvantage of this camera is the usage time which offers only 50 minutes of battery life. This is a disadvantage that usually happens in small electronic implementations. This device only requires a few hours to complete charging. It can also be used with a continuous power source at all times.Motion recording can prevent excessive battery drain. The camera starts recording a video the moment it detects any motion. Loop recording prevents maximum memory capacity from being an issue. The camera reuses the occupied memory to store videos again.There is a Micro SD card slot, and compatibility covers 4 Gb minimum and 32 Gb maximum. This is important for those who want to use high resolution for video recording. (1)


TPEKKA Spy CameraConsidering the camera alone, this is another one of the smallest devices you can buy today. This device has a different design and incorporates a screw to conceal the camera better. It also offers the following features.This camera is the smallest one available considering wired devices. It does not incorporate wi-fi connectivity since it is necessary to have a DVR, FPV, and other implements such as a CCTV system.Because it uses batteries, the operating time is continuous and low power consumption. This means a permanent use that does not use too much electrical energy. Despite being one of the smallest cameras available, capturing images and record videos in HD quality is possible. The stability and definition are of 1000TVL quality. (2)Among the most remarkable aspects of this device is problematic detection. The built-in screw provides excellent optical camouflage for spying on anyone in plain sight. 

How Small Can Cameras Get? 

tiny spy cameraThe world’s smallest camera in existence today is the OmniVision OV6948. This is because its dimensions are 0.575 x 0.575 x 0.232 mm. This is not the smallest camera you can buy for medical use only.This camera will modify the next generation of surgeries since it would be introduced inside the human body. This small camera tells us how small cameras can be these days. This camera can fit inside the smallest veins of any human body.

Final Words

Once we consider the smallest cameras you can buy, the uses are more versatile. The smallest camera you can buy can eliminate blind spots in a home. Those concerned about the nanny’s behavior will be able to take the guess work out of it with this device.Others will be able to obtain an efficient surveillance system. Having the smallest camera available makes it possible to detect the natural behavior of guests or people working in a house. The smallest camera that can be purchased can improve safety and security, among other valuable aspects.


(1) Gb – https://searchstorage.techtarget.com/definition/gigabyte(2) TVL quality – https://resources-boschsecurity-cdn.azureedge.net/public/documents/WhitePaper_enUS_1575840651.pdf

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