How to Hide a Mini Spy Camera

mini spy cam

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Angela Otero

Hiding a mini spy camera can improve security and obtain certain information from people. To perform this procedure correctly, the following process is recommended.But before that, you may want to check the best mini camera in the market this year!

Preliminary Considerations When Hiding a Mini Spy Camera

mini spy cameraIt is possible to eliminate blind spots in a home or retail store when deciding to hide a mini spy camera. To perform this procedure correctly, the following materials must be available:

  • Battery operated or wired mini spy camera
  • Micro USB cable
  • Micro SD memory card
  • Smartphone or PC application
  • Smartphone or PC for remote surveillance
  • GluePaint for the structure

Having some of the above items is the first step to start the procedure. With this, you also need to have an excellent location in indoor or outdoor spaces. We can offer some good ideas to consider in indoor spaces.

  • An everyday object such as a tissue box or a clock: These everyday objects offer the versatility that they can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • In a potted plant: The leaves of an abundant potted plant are perfect for hiding the camera and diverting the attention of those who need to be spied on.
  • On a high wall or ceiling: People usually direct their attention to the highest part of a wall or directly to the roof.
  • Shelves or bookcases: Shelves and bookcases are perfect as a mini spy camera can be placed around other decorative or everyday objects.
  • Fire alarm: There are few things more boring than a fire alarm. That is why this is a perfect place to hide a mini spy camera.

Once the interior spaces have been considered, the exterior areas can also be analyzed. For that, the mini spy camera must have a waterproof layer. These are some excellent ideas.

  • The top of a tree: A tree can be perfect for providing a large field of view and a minimum probability that the camera will be detected.
  • On top of a light fixture: Outdoor lights are often arranged throughout a house. A light fixture can be chosen, and that a mini camera can be installed undetected.
  • A birdhouse: A birdhouse is one of the decorative objects that match any home and can be placed in various locations throughout a garden.

How to Hide a Mini Spy Camera: Step-by-Step

hand holding spy cameraOnce all the above elements have been gathered, and the best place to install the mini spy camera has been chosen, the following procedure can be started. 1. Mounting the CameraMounting a mini spy camera means implementing a good level of security and stability for the camera. Indoors it can be beneficial to have a completely flat surface. Incorporating some glue provides extra strength and prevents the camera from falling to the ground at some point.When it comes to outdoors, using glue may be appropriate, along with some other compatible material. Outdoors it is more critical the stability as the wind can be more than enough to blow away the tiny spy device we are mounting.power supply2. Power SupplyWhen using a mini spy camera with batteries, we must check that the batteries are fully charged. Some batteries provide the function of turning on only with motion detection. This can be an excellent way to save users time.Small spy devices only provide a few hours of use. That is why having a micro USB cable may be the best way to have a continuous power supply. A power outlet near the spy camera that is also hidden and not to arouse suspicion should be considered for this purpose. (1)3. Insert the SD Card and ConfigureSD CardThe SD card will allow the user to have enough storage space for all the recordings he wants to make. Some cameras incorporate loop recording to prevent the storage limit from being a problem. This function keeps recording videos using the memory that the camera itself has already occupied. (2)Setting up a mini spy camera is as simple as choosing the resolution and specific functions. These functions may include night vision or automatic power-on on motion detection. 4. Incorporate Camouflage into the CameraA mini camera is a device that is small enough to be detected. It is possible to incorporate some additional camouflage to make the camera undetectable. Here you can check what is the smallest camera you can buy!It is simply a matter of incorporating paint on the camera structure without affecting and obstructing the lens. The various holes used for charging the battery or inserting the micro SD card should also be avoided. Consideration should be given to the background or objects around the camera. When the structure of the device is painted the same color as the surrounding objects, an excellent level of optical camouflage is obtained. Installing a white mini spy camera on a black background is not convenient as a hiding place. Painting this same mini spy camera with a black color optimizes the camouflage and concealment of the device.5. Installing the App on a Smartphone or PCsmart phone appSpy devices that incorporate a camera are usually combined with an app. The same manufacturer of the device usually provides this app. Having an app on a smartphone or PC makes it possible to implement certain functions remotely.Users will also be able to turn on the device remotely and obtain real-time remote surveillance. The app that works together with a spy camera is usually free of charge and does not generate additional costs. Once the app is installed on a PC or smartphone and configured, the procedure is ready. 


Learning how to hide a mini spy camera does not require a lot of time or special tools. After following a few simple steps, people will enjoy an efficient pair of eyes to spy on people’s behavior.This exact procedure is also essential to enjoy better protection and security for the whole family. That is why if you liked the article, you can leave your comment below and share it so that other people can enjoy greater security.And if you’re fun of DIY, you can check and learn how to make a mini camera! Until our next learning guide!


(1) power supply – SD card –

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