What Network Does Cintex Wireless Use?

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In this article, I will explain what network Cintex Wireless uses for its cell phone services.

Cintex Wireless uses the Verizon Wireless Network. Since 2022, Verizon has offered a 5G network to its users. Cintex Wireless uses Verizon’s infrastructure network to provide its service programs to low-income residents.

I’ll explain further about Cintex Wireless and Verizon Wireless.

The Cintex Wireless Lifeline Program

The company offers a program in Louisiana: the Cintex Wireless Lifeline Program. Along with the government, the company gives all low-income residents a free phone and cell phone plan.

The program lasts for a year. Each resident can reactivate it with a successful Annual Recertification for Continued Participation in the company’s program.

Residents that qualify must (themselves or another household member) participate in a government assistance program (i.e., SNAP/Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI, Department of Veterans Affairs, etc.)

Cintex Wireless has also introduced a paid program with a flat monthly price. The company offers a list of criteria for eligibility, and each client must fulfill at least one.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is available to most states, while the Cintex Wireless Lifeline Program is only available in:

  • Louisiana,
  • Arkansas,
  • Maryland,
  • Rhode Island,
  • West Virginia,
  • Maine.

Both of the above programs are included in the Government Assistance Program.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is a company that offers cellular network access in the US.

Since January 19th, 2022, the company has released a program that operates with a 5G network, the 5G Ultra-Wideband. As a firm, it supplies its clients with Wireless Phone Service and Wireless Home Phone Service.

The company itself does not participate in the Cintex Wireless Lifeline Program.

How is One Company Connected to the Other?

Cintex Wireless is a company that works with the Government Assistance Program, providing eligible clients with a free phone and free or affordable connectivity.

Although Verizon has nothing to do with that program, Cintex Wireless uses its broadband infrastructure. That means that Cintex Wireless uses a specific network of deployed telecommunications equipment that belongs to Verizon to create its cellular service.

Thus, Cintex Wireless uses Verizon’s basic network structure to create service.

How Does It Work?

The practice that the company uses is called: Broadband Internet Access Services.

The Cintex Wireless Broadband Internet Access Services dictates the data emitted from a device and transferred over their Underlying Carrier’s network to the public Internet.

The company does not control network congestion across its carrier’s network. They also do not manage data transmission.

Cintex Wireless manages client experience through its customer service and makes changes based on them.

Wrapping Up

Verizon is a company that has its own network and service.

Cintex Wireless, with the support of a government program, supplies clients with free phones and affordable connectivity.

Verizon’s infrastructure is the means that allows Cintex Wireless to create service and provide it to its clients.

Although Cintex Wireless creates the service, the network belongs to Verizon.

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