What Network Does Qlink Wireless Use?

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This brief article will cover what network Qlink uses and explain how you can connect to it.

QLink Wireless is a major US telecommunications company that offers wireless phone, data, and internet services.

The network QLink Wireless uses is the T-Mobile network. It can provide services to CDMA, GSM, and LTE-enabled mobile devices.

QLink Wireless Network

QLink Wireless has an agreement to provide wireless services through a larger network service provider in the United States.

This is known as an NVMO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) agreement. In the past, it used Sprint’s cell towers. When Sprint merged with T-Mobile in 2020, they became known as T-Mobile network’s towers. Customers of QLink Wireless can use this network irrespective of whether they have a CDMA or GSM-enabled mobile device. Sprint has a CDMA network, while T-Mobile uses GSM technology, so both CDMA and GSM networks are available.

However, QLink also provides LTE services, so newer smartphones designed for 4G and 5G LTE networks are also compatible with QLink Wireless.


We answer some related questions below.

What services does QLink Wireless provide?

QLink Wireless is primarily an NVMO company that provides nationwide phone service coverage. It offers various services related to using a phone or smartphone, including data and internet services.

How wide is QLink Wireless’ coverage?

QLink Wireless’ network covers approximately 97% of the United States territory, including almost the entire mainland.

How good is QLink Wireless’ network?

QLink Wireless has a large, nationwide, and fast wireless network. The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile helped in creating this network.

Does QLink Wireless cover 5G?

Yes. QLink Wireless’ LTE services over 5G. Its 5G coverage is more extensive than that of its major competitors.

Is my mobile phone compatible with the QLink Wireless network?

If the device operates on CDMA, GSM, or LTE, it probably will be, but do an online phone compatibility test on the company’s website. This will check your phone’s IMEI number. Dial *#06# on the device to know this number and enter it on the website to have it checked.

Is QLink Wireless available in my area?

If you are mainland USA, then most likely, QLink Wireless will be available in your area, but to be sure, you can check online on the company’s website.

Are there any special benefits to using QLink Wireless

If you use QLink Wireless, there will be no credit checks, contracts, monthly bills, or surcharges. This is besides the high-quality wireless phone and customer services you can expect to receive.

Connecting to QLink Wireless

To connect to the QLink Wireless network, check the company’s website and follow the procedure.

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