How to Charge Wireless Earbuds without Case

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Wireless earbuds are great for the on-the-go, but they can be a pain to charge. Here’s how to charge them without a case.

There are various methods to charge Wireless Earbuds, so if you’ve recently accepted some and want to learn how to charge them correctly, or you’re interested in other ways to assess your wireless earbuds if this sounds like your condition.

  1. With a micro USB cable
  2. A Narrow Pin charger
  3. With a Laptop or PC
  4. Buy a wireless charging case.

We’ll go into more details below:

Most wireless earbuds come with a charging case, making it easy to keep them charged and prepared to use. Regardless, do you understand how to charge wireless earbuds without a case or charger? This article will provide an efficient guide on charging your wireless earbuds in various situations.

With Micro USB Cable

To charge Earbuds with a micro USB, you ought to insert a Micro USB cable into your device and either into a PC or a USB converter. Then you have to sit and wait till your earbuds get wholly charged. How can you know when the earbuds are ultimately charged?

micro USB cable

One option is to use the LED light on your earbuds to see how much charge is left in them; depending on your earbuds, the LED light may be red and green or red and blue. Regardless, the lower battery level of earbuds is always indicated by standard red light.

Here are the steps:

  • You can charge your earphones on any electronic gadget that sustains a USB port. All you’ll require is a USB cable. 
  • You can charge your earbuds with laptops, gaming consoles, TV, speakers, and others. 
  • There’s no requirement for your earphone’s compatibility with these devices, presenting they consist of a USB port. 
  • You can also use your mobile phone or tablet to charge the Wireless Earbuds for this option; you’ll need an OTG cable. 
  • Check what type of USB port your earbuds have. If it’s USB type C, you will need an OTG cable with a USB type C connector on one side and a USB 3.0 male connector on the other. 
  • Nevertheless, if your wireless earbud have features USB 3.0, you’ll need an OTG cable with USB 3.0 male connectors on each side to connect them.
  • You’ll have to connect the OTG cable, one end with the earbuds and the other one with the phone. After completing this connection, make sure the earbuds start charging. 

A Narrow Pin Charger

charging earbuds with narrow pin charger

In our research, we surveyed that a Nokia 1110 features a narrow pin charger. If you don’t have that specific type of phone, don’t panic; a narrow-pin converter is available. 

With this converter, you may switch from a wide pin to a small charger for your Android. You can also try another little pin adapter to recharge your earbuds. Just take the possibility to work with your earbuds.

Additional Information to Charge Earbuds
Ensure they are fully charged when using the headphones, and bring a case for the first period.
It is not recommended to store earbuds and a case with totally depleted batteries for an extended time.
It is also recommended that you avoid utilizing network adapters from unknown vendors. Compared to proprietary chargers, the features of these devices may change, especially from the knowledge provided on the case, and their reliability is also poorer. 

Charging Wireless Earbuds with a PC or Laptop 

If you utilize a PC or laptop to charge your Bluetooth earphones, there won’t be any requirement for an OTG cable.

You can use any USB cable with USB 3.0 on one end and type C on the other. Ensure both ends have male connectors. 

Connect one end to your earbuds and the other to your laptop or PC. 

Once you’ve done that, they will start charging instantly. 

It’s crucial to know that charging via PC, laptop, or phone doesn’t damage your earbuds.

Buy a Wireless Charging Case

It doesn’t matter if you have the authentic or second version of AirPods Apple instructs us how to utilize them without a case. To address this problem, they formed wireless charging cases. This AirPods case is generally for buy separately. But let’s know how this case performs when charging the AirPods.

Safely place your earbuds in the wireless case and set it on any Qi-Compatible charging port or mat.

The status light will illuminate and then go off for a short time. Reposition the case if the charging procedure does not accept a charge, and the light should go off. Regardless, confirm the charging cable link on both sides of the connectors.

Recommend video for making own charger of wireless earbuds.

You can also watch this tutorial. 


How much time is it take for wireless earbuds to charge?

Most people may wonder how prolonged it accepts to charge wireless earbuds. It usually takes about 2 hours to charge wireless earbuds fully. But it also depends on the type of earbuds and charger you’re using. If you’re using a fast charger, it only takes an hour to charge your earbuds.

Sound cores can give you 4 hours of attending from a quick 10-minute charge. So whether you forgot to charge your earbuds overnight or your battery is manipulating low during your workout, you’ll know that you can quickly get back to your melody.

Can I charge my case with the wireless earbuds off?

YES!” The earbud case has a battery that you can charge separately from the wireless earbuds. The earbud case can be charged by itself, but the battery can be used after to charge them.

Can I charge my wireless earbuds and the case simultaneously?

The charging case holds its own charge. You can charge your earbuds case and earbuds simultaneously. 

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