Why is My Wireless Charger Blinking?

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Depending on its model, there are a few reasons your wireless charger may be blinking. I will go into more detail and tell you what to do below.

The blinking LED means that a device doesn’t work with the charging pad or that charging isn’t working right. For example, if the front of the device is placed on the charging pad, the LED blinks and does not charge normally. In this case, put the device where it needs to be to charge.

I will go into more detail below

Why is My Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Green, Blue, or Red?

Different colors light up on the Samsung wireless charger. The different colors of the LED show what is going on. Below I will cover what each color means.

1. Red Light

The solid red light means that your Samsung charger is getting enough power and that all the charging tools are working.

The red light will blink if your phone doesn’t work with the charger or doesn’t have a wireless charging feature.

2. Green Light

When the battery on your Samsung charger is fully charged, the charger lights up solid green. If the phone isn’t charging right, the green light will flash.

3. Blue Light

a Blinking Blue light means that the connection between the charging pad and the phone is strong and properly connected.

The phone and charging pad is not fully connected if it blinks blue. A metal, plastic, or phone cover makes it hard to charge.

How to Fix it?

1. Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Red

Your Samsung wireless charger isn’t compatible if the red blinking light is on.

Either your phone doesn’t work with the Samsung wireless charger, or it doesn’t have a way to charge wirelessly.

Confirm Compatibility

It would help if you looked at the phone’s user manual and specs to make sure it’s compatible. Also, check the charger’s manual to ensure it works with your phone.

A second trick is to use a different wireless charger to charge your phone. Try to charge another phone with the charger for your Samsung.

So you can figure out which device is causing the problem.

Place Phone Properly

Try putting your phone in a different spot on the wireless charger. Put it the opposite way. Place the phone in the middle of the wireless charger.

Try putting your wireless charger in different places and watch to see where it stops blinking red. Take off the phone’s cover. Both things should be in direct contact with each other.

2. Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Green

If a Samsung wireless charger is not charging right, it blinks green. Let’s talk about how to fix it.

Check the Charging Tools

The Samsung wireless charger needs an electric power source to charge. A cable and an adapter connect it to the power outlet.

You should always charge your device with the tools that come with it. If you use a third-party cable or AC adapter, your phone might not charge properly.

Also, it can damage your charger in a way that can’t be fixed. Check the length of the charging cable. Check for cuts, burns, or wires that are showing.

samsung fast charger

Use a different device to test the AC adapter. If either tool is broken, you should switch to a new one.

Check the Power Supply

The power supply could be at fault. It needs to deliver proper voltage. Check to see if the plug in the wall is working or not. Switch where your Samsung charger is plugged in.

If you’re charging through a computer, make sure it’s on and not in sleep mode. Connect it to a different USB port and see if the red light stops flashing.

3. Samsung Wireless Charger Blinking Blue

If your Samsung wireless charger glows blue all the time, it’s okay. This means that everything is working well, and the connection is strong.

But if it flashes blue, the devices need to be connected correctly. Your phone isn’t on the charger, right, or there needs to be more power coming in.

wireless charger blinking blue
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The following solutions can fix this problem.

Remove Interfering Objects

A big reason your charger is blinking green is that there is something in the way of the phone and the charger. It could be the phone case or something else.

Many phone cases are made of metal or use magnets. So, your phone needs to be charged the right way. Please take off the phone’s case and put it on the Samsung charger without the case.

Also, make sure the surface of your charger is clean. Dust can also make it hard to charge.

Check the Charging Status

Phones are completely charged sometimes. The LED indicator blinks blue. Lift your phone.

Check your phone battery if it’s fully charged.

Lifting the phone stops the charger’s blue blinking light. Lift and put the phone on the Samsung wireless charger many times.

Sometimes lifting and putting the phone back on may help the charger pick up the signal.

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