How to Wear Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds

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Whether hitting the gym or running around town, Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds are perfect for listening to music conveniently, but how exactly do you put them on and keep them on?

Many different types of earbud models can be placed in various ways. The main issue is that all those models come in one size and do not necessarily fit every ear. This article will show you a few ways to make the most out of your Skullcandy earbuds.

In General, to Wear Your Skullcandy Earbuds, You Need To

  • Put Them in At a Slightly Diagonal Angle
  • Make Sure You Have Clean Ears
  • Choose the Right Ear Pad Size
  • Place the Correct Earbud Into the Corresponding Ear
  • Enhance Traction (i.E., Isolation Pluses, Earbud Covers)
  • Use an Anti-Loss Strap

I’ll go into more detail below.

What Makes Your Earbuds Fall Out?

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Several factors can make your earbuds fall out.

From the unique shaping of your ear to the loss of traction, earbuds can fall out and easily get lost. You might need to pay attention to the following cases to prevent such a situation.

Unique Ear Shape

As odd as it may sound, ears are much more distinctive than fingertips.

All earbud manufacturers distinctively create their earbuds to adapt to the most common diameter and length of an ear canal. That is 0.98 inches (2.5 cm) in length and 0.28 inches (0.7 cm) in diameter.

There are two factors regarding ear shape that can make you lose your earbuds:

  • Wider than common ear canals: in this case, you may encounter a lack of grip, and thus the buds might slip off.
  • Smaller than ordinary ear canals: the bud’s tip cannot easily enter the ear, so they fall.

Earwax Can Get In The Way

The ear’s self-cleaning mechanism is earwax.

The ear wax is produced to drag possible filth away from the ear canal and so it builds up inside it. It is essential to clean ear wax, but putting a lot of pressure on the ear can create blocks.

Those blocks do not allow the buds to enter the ear canal correctly because they hold enough space.

Additionally, the earwax is fairly slippery, enabling wireless earbuds to drop.

Wrong Wearing

Most people do not notice that there are two letters on your wireless devices: L and R.

The letter “R” stands for “right”, while the letter “L” stands for “left”. If you do not spot them, you might put them conversely, making the buds fall.

To wear your wireless earbuds correctly, follow the letters on each bud.

Some people also place their wireless earbuds incorrectly inside their ears. You need to place them at an angle, in a similar way to the photo below.

stability gel
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How to Prevent Earbuds from Sliding Out?

Although there are many reasons why your earbuds might fall, there are plenty of solutions to fix that issue.

Choose the Right Size

Each wireless earbud package contains additional pads in different sizes.

I recommend you first try on the medium size pads. You may choose the small ones if it is hard to place them in your ears. If you feel they are easy to fall off, you can try to wear the larger pads.

You should also keep in mind that you might have differently structured ear canals. The diameters in each ear canal could be uneven. One can be smaller or bigger than the other one, so you may need to choose different pad sizes.

Use Ear Warmers

Ear warmers can be remarkably comfy to wear.

However, their use doesn’t stop there. You may wear them to ensure the buds are in place and protect them from slipping.

In addition to the above tip, it can enhance active noise cancellation due to sound insulation.

Use Isolation Plus

The isolation plus is a type of pad made of memory foam. That means that it can take the shape of your inner ear and stay that way.

Try to remove the conventional pads and replace them with isolation pluses. The buds will be more firmly installed in your ear canal.

Isolation pluses also offer additional active noise canceling because they insulate sounds more effectively.

Wear Earbud Covers

Indy stability gels
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Earbud covers are thick cushions that enlarge the space the wireless earbuds take inside your ear.

They are soft, mostly made of silicon, and usually have a diameter of 0.5-0.7 inches (13-18 mm).

Anti-Loss Strap

white earphoone
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True wireless earbuds can get lost very easily.

The anti-lost straps are silicon bands that can connect to your wireless earphones. You may find them on the market with two ways of connection:

  • Through a silicon loop
  • Magnetically.

They are ideal for intense activities, as they are also sweatproof.

Although they do not generally stabilize the true wireless earbuds in the ear, they protect them from getting lost if they drop.

Wrapping Up

In order for you to wear your earbuds correctly, you need to attend to a few details.

  • Correct placement of the true wireless earbuds
  • Choose the right pads
  • Clean ears

There are additional items that can help you steady the earplugs.

  • Ear warmers
  • Isolation pluses
  • Earbud covers

You can never be too careful, so you might want to add an anti-lost strap, so you can always keep track of them.

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