Is AirTalk Wireless Legit? (My Opinion)

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Air Talk is a wireless service that promises to be the fastest and most reliable in the market. But is it? We take a look.

The service provided by AirTalk Wireless is legitimate. The US government offers low-income households permission with free calls and data. Private persons can receive free handsets from well-known manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola thanks to AirTalk Wireless.

The service is one per home and non-transferable. In my opinion, AirTalk Wireless is a safe service that has minimal security flaws.

Below, we provide more information.

A federal government service provider, Airtalk provides qualifying clients with free cell phones. To qualify for service, you or a household member must participate in a government assistance program based on your household income. These initiatives comprise:

  • SSI
  • Medicaid
  • SNAP/ Food stamps

Users can access the service over AT&T’s 4G and 5G networks, making it available anywhere in the United States where the network is open to the general public.

The AirVoice WiFi app from AirTalk lets users automatically locate and connect to WiFi networks.

What carrier is AirTalk Wireless?

AirVoice Wireless, LLC, which provides wireless services to American families, runs AirTalk Wireless. Since 1999, it has made service without a contract available to eligible customers.

The FCC has granted Eligible Carrier status to AirVoice Wireless. It ensures that consumers who can afford it can connect quickly and cheaply in an emergency.

This service aims to provide low-price plans and excellent customer service. They use the phones customers want, including Google Pixels, iPhones, Galaxy, and Motorola. It also uses the best 5G/4G network in the country.

To want to use the AirTalk wireless service, you must meet various suitability requirements set by the specific states where the service is offered. Eligibility depends on your participation in federal and state aid programs. You are also eligible if you meet the income poverty guidelines set by the government.

It offers one person per household who is eligible for this service. The service also has a well-founded customer support team based in Houston, Texas. The team is well-equipped with information to help answer any questions. Multilingual team members solve your problems in the language of your choice.

Is AirTalk Wireless a Government Program?

Yes, the US Government owns the Airtalk Wireless program to help low-income families. 

These offers include free unlimited calls, SMS, and high-speed data to specific households. It is a part of FCC’s Lifeline and a low-cost Connectivity program.

AirTalk Wireless has started offering free smartphones and delivering them to deserving individuals suitable for the programs. The service considers it essential to keep in touch with health care, employers, and schools.

The good part of this service is that it is free. Individuals do not have to deal with monthly fees and registration fees.

What Does AirTalk Wireless Have to Offer?

Airtalk Wireless gives the following government project to eligible customers:

Lifeline Program

AirTalk and partners give Lifeline for 10 years. The Lifeline Plan provides low-income specific with low-price mobile phone service. The initiative ensures moderately priced communication services for all Americans’ employment, education, and daily activities. AirTalk’s Lifeline plan is provided in California, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Emergency Broadband Benefits Program (EBB)

The Emergency Broadband Benefits Program offers people who require it an essential lifeline. The EBB program helps ensure that all Americans can rely on the internet during emergencies when conventional communication processes are not working or are too busy. The ACP has taken the EBB position since the start of 2022.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Affordable Connectivity is a government program that gives concessions on internet service to low-income households. The program initiatives to help overcome the digital divide and ensure that all Americans can acquire low-price broadband internet service. It’s currently available in 32 states in the US.

Combo Plan

AirTalk permits one user to apply for both two Lifeline and ACP simultaneously. The combo of AirTalk comes with high-value mobile phones like iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7, Galaxy S9, and more. It also gives you unlimited high-speed internet data, texts, and calls. AirTalk state that this combo’s worth is up to $750 per year.

How Do I Get an Airtalk Wireless Phone for Free?

Suitable customers can receive a free government mobile phone if they apply for one of the below plans on Airtalkwireless:

ACP Program

With this plan, Eligible customers will get a free mobile and 8GB of internet data, and unlimited texts and calls.

iPhone free

The Lifeline and ACP Combo Plan

It is one of the finest government programs you can avail of. Once approved, You can receive an iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, and more. You get unlimited high-speed 4G/5G data, calls, and text in this plan.

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